Joshua Zamora and Radu Hahaianu have developed new software that they have found increases their traffic by 235% in just 24 hours.

They have placed it in a product they call Seamless SEO. It will tweak your site, and they say that when it does, it could boost your site in the rankings

And it it will take you less than five minutes to implement this change.

In Seamless SEO, they seem to have solved one of the most neglected aspects of SEO.

People concentrate on getting backlinks these days, but there’s another aspect that is equally important: your site content and how optimized it is.

Seamless SEO allows you to fully optimize your site so the search engines find it more attractive. it will:
• Give your site an SEO score based on different metrics that Google cares about so you know how well you’re optimized
• Lay out action steps for you to improve your optimization
• Provide LSI keywords that you can use to get you more traffic
• Help you to manually link your site in silos for improved search engine navigation
• Allow you to easily add Google authorship to your site
• And a lot more

Seamless SEO is a WordPress plugin, and once you set it up, it can generate traffic for you on autopilot through its site optimization

Zamora and Hahaianu are running an 80%-off introductory sale beginning at 11 AM EDT. They have added scarcity to their offer: the 80% discount will only last for the first 48 hours, sfter which they will start dime sale pricing.

You can see a Zamora video on keyword research now, and get your copy at 11 AM here: Seamless SEO.

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