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Saturday, February 27, 2021

BuzzPress: earn passive, recurring income (well, almost passive) #ad

I wouldn’t want to be completely passive. My mind and my body need exercise. Mental muscles as well as physical muscles need to be challenged or they will go flabby. My wife spent 6 weeks in bed with COVID-19, and now she has to rebuild her strength. When it comes to earning a living, it’s nice to not be tied to a desk or a factory floor, or a shop or store. On the other hand, it’s good to keep involved in your business, just don’t get tied down. There’s a new tool that has just been released that will help you cut back on your active involvement in your business... [...]

BuzzPress builds viral news sites, Cyber Monday discount #ad

BuzzPress was released over the weekend by its creator, Ariel Sanders. It hasn’t been promoted heavily, perhaps because of the holiday in the US. But it appears to be a useful tool for building a website that gets viral traffic. If your site attracts visitors virally, your increasing traffic will build your business for you. Thar’s what Sanders says his new software will do for you, with: ➤ No coding Required ➤ No expensive Hosting Required ➤ Plenty of Content, Increasing Daily ➤ No Huge Learning Curve ➤ No Monthly Fees ➤ Simplicity, Not Confusion If that sounds good, read... [...]

FLEXY: First website builder with artificial intelligence #ad

FLEXY: First website builder with artificial intelligence #ad Now you can create a whole web page with nothing but your voice. The artificial intelligence in Flexy Website Builder understands your commands and, right before your eyes, builds your page. Gone forever are the old days when you had to be a programmer to build a website. Now the software builds it for you. Flexy Website Builder has a few more tricks up its sleeve, too: ► Fast, Easy, Effective Cloning: Clone a site in one single click. ► Zero Learning Curve: Easy to use and Intuitive to learn. ► Time Saving and Efficient: Export... [...]

Build better web pages with the new iGloo #ad

Last June, iGloo website builder was launched. It was an immediate success, selling 6,000 copies in just a few days. Today, Josh Ratta, the creator, is releasing an updated version of this software that does even more for you. Some of the new features include: • iGloo Member, enabling users to now create beautiful membership sites with their iGloo pages as well as other WordPress pages. • Advanced marketing & engagement features such as ‘dynamic variables (use the to create custom pages with the name of your visitor), voice-over Calls To Action, sound effects, looping animations and... [...]

Origin Builder: The website builder for technophobes #ad

Today is the day when Origin Builder is launched. This is the most up-to-date automated web page builder. There’s a brand new video on the sales page that shows you the power of Origin Builder. Here are some of the highlights of the video 0:48 – witness the drag n’ drop editor with “NO SECOND DELAY” Technology 1:15 -Watch as page construction starts 1:52 – See the live front end editor 4:18 – feel the responsiveness as you make additions or changes 4:48 – Demonstration that it works on any theme 5:17 – all the extra features (the icing on... [...]

LeadSnaps: Marketing Pages, Websites, Optin Pages in a snap #ad

LeadSnaps is a new drag and drop web page builder that anybody can use to build professional looking websites. Beginners, take note: There is absolutely no code knowledge or experience needed. You just drag the predefined elements where you want them on your pages. All of the predefined blocks and templates are designed to be ready for mobile. (Google will appreciate that.) So everything about your website in desktop view is the same when viewed on a mobile device. There are a lot of web elements to choose from and you can customize them to meet your needs. And for your Social Media SEO, all LeadSnaps... [...]

Build websites in Record time with InstaBuilder 2.0 ad#

InstaBuilder was first released several month ago. It had a lot of automation to make it simple to build websites. Now InstaBuilder 2.0, much enhanced from the initial release, is available. In the new version, all the technical barriers have been removed so creating your own pages can now be a fulfilling experience, not a frustrating one. The fluid Drag & Drop Editor lets you place any Element onto wherever you want on your page. Its User Interface is easy foranyone, with an easy Drag & Drop process. New in the version 2.0, is a survey feature letting you add a survey of up to 5 questions... [...]

SuperPress Plugin for WordPress builds passive income sites #ad

Eric Nelson has been busy. Besides Azon Armageddon, he has created a new WP plugin, SuperPress Plugin. Nelson says this new plugin makes your new passive site “100% no hassle 100% Foolproof [and] easier than ever” On his sales page for SuperPress Plugin, he demos how he can make a niche site in under 8 minutes. And he says you can be just as productive with this no-hassle system. This plugin can get you up and running quickly. If speed to market is attractive to you, check out this new plugin here: SuperPress Plugin  [...]