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KleverNews AI is a system that helps create (and operate or sell) self-updating ChatGPT3-powered news sites in minutes, in any niche, with a single keyword. As we announced Friday, it was launched over the weekend.

There are many ways you can put it to work in your business. Here are a few ways, for example:
1) Monetize the sites you build with affiliate offers from Clickbank, Amazon, W+, etc.
2) Build an email list, promote CPA and affiliate offers
3) Offer sponsored posts for a fee
4) Generate revenue through Adsense (Klever News AI write unique content so it can meet Google’s criteria)
5) Sell a site you build on Flippa, eBay or Facebook
6) Sell advertising space on your site: classified ads, banners, etc.
7) Create a membership site with exclusive content
8) Offer News Website Setup Services using your included commercial licence
9) Become an influencer and get paid to write sponsored posts

And you don’t need to be concerned about:
➤ hiring a team
➤ spending thousands of dollars
➤ waiting months to get started
➤ complicated tech learning

KleverNews AI automates everything for you.

No domain & hosting required because both are included.

No tech skills needed because the AI engine does all the tech work.

To further monetize your site, you can also embed affiliate links to earn commissions.

Or you can even sell your site on Flippa, eBay, or Facebook.

Click here to join the Klever News AI family now at a massive early bird launch discount: KleverNews AI.

Use Code KLEVERNEWS For $3 Off.

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