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Monday, December 5, 2022

EZDeals Advanced challenges Groupon head-on; local businesses need it #ad

EZDeals Advanced, being launched today, is a premium Deals Page Creator, intended to help local businesses pull customers into their store, restaurant, etc. by offering coupons and special deals for customers. EZDeals Advanced has a number of different layouts of deal pages for various niches, mostly in local niches but some online niches as well. It can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or service. It is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity-driven deal pages in just a few clicks. It is so powerful and so attractive to local businesses,... [...]

7 Day Digital Landlord launch ends tonight. Special webinar. Price rising. #ad

If you have been on the fence about investing in your tools to rent websites to local businesses for ongoing revenue, your need to decide. Today, it all ends. Todd Gross and Peter Beattie are hanging out together on the special live 7 Day Digital Landlord Closing Party Webinar, tonight July 16th @ 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT), and you are invited.The party is free and you are welcome. This is your last best hope to build your real, professional long-term business setting up professional websites and then renting them for ongoing revenue streams. Over 3,000 copies of this software and its add-ons have... [...]

Rent digital real estate with 7-Day Digital Landlord #ad

No matter who you are, as long as you show the slightest amount of entrepreneurial spirit, someone will say: “You need to get into Real Estate.” They’re not wrong, but there’s a better way. Because, for all the good that comes from investing in traditional Real Estate, there’s also a lot of the bad. Like evictions, expensive overheads, burst pipes in the middle of the night, contractors, a load of legal stuff – the list goes on. So, what if you could get all the benefits of Real Estate investment with none of the drawbacks? Think about getting paid rent, month... [...]

7 Day Digital Landlord: Rent sophisticated websites to local businesses #ad

Local businesses need to sell online, period. People have moved a lot of their purchasing online in response to the pandemic. 7 Day Digital Landlord lets you build these online stores with with ease, and then maintain them for a regular monthly fee. Many local businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the post-pandemic world of online shopping. Their brick-and-mortar stores are not seeing as much traffic, and they are losing sales. Selling online is their way out of their downward spiral toward bankruptcy. Whether they sell pizza, real estate, clothing, or services like haircuts or landscaping,... [...]

ProfitBuildrr creates unlimited websites, e-commerce shops, funnels #ad

New ProfitBuildrr creates professional website using 450+ Drag and Drop Custom Template Blocks, Popups, and Animation. On top of that power, unlimited hosting, on lightning-fast servers, is included. Build any website you want. Whether you are a product developer or an affiliate or an e-commerce store owner, this hosting can meet your needs. The creators of new ProfitBuildrr are so confident of its power that they say “you can sell, build a list or have any website live and ready to make money in minutes without any of the technical headaches associated with traditional website development.” When... [...]

Create highly engaging “media rich” blog posts on the fly #ad

With the new Origin Builder WordPress plugin, creating a beautiful blog post, even with rich media, is as simple as dragging and dropping content you want to include onto your page, then adding text and publishing. Origin Builder is a new blog post builder that was just released by Precious Ngwu He has created a video to show you how easy it is. Watch it here: Origin Builder Video You will get a lot more engagement from your audience if you include visual content besides your text. The eye-catching visual media will attract your audience to your websites and with this new tool, you can create these... [...]

New Fresh Store Builder builds slick Amazon affiliate stores #ad

Carey Baird is just releasing the 7th generation of Fresh Store Builder. He has honed and improved this professional tool and has made it the best ever software for building Amazon affiliate stores. Baird reports that, with this new version, you can have your store up and running in 30 minutes. Besides all the other improvements, version 7 adds the ability to link your Pinterest account to your store. People see a graphic in Pinterest, click, and arrive at your store. In addition, in Fresh Store Builder v. 7, your stores are now: • Fully SEO optimized, • Designed to give you more chances... [...]

Mega Builder creates professional WP sites in minutes #ad

Fachrul Stream is a WordPress product developer, focusing on products that help marketers present their business online in a favorable light so their offers get the best possible response. His latest marketing tool is his new Mega Builder WordPress Theme package. This is a theme that is so flexible that it seems like a dozen themes in one. Whether you are building a simple blog for yourself or a client or a major corporate site, Mega Builder WordPress Theme can get you the look and feel of a high-priced design studio with a few minutes of set up and without any tech skills. When building your sites,... [...]

InstaBuilder builds marketing websites by Drag-And-Drop #ad

The brand new InstaBuilder 2.0 is a “no tech skills needed” online marketer’s answer to the toughest site building problems. You can literally know almost nothing about technology and still succeed in creating a professional looking and acting website. Any marketer can use it and get a site running in minutes. Here are some of its most valuable features: • A brand new, sophisticated User Interface • A design that is mobile-devise responsive (and includes Mobile-ready pages, too) • A powerful Drag & Drop technology that lets you build your web pages the way you... [...]

Build Professional Local Marketing Pages In a Snap #ad

If you build local marketing websites, you know it can be hard to compete with the million dollar brands that have huge ad spends. Sean Donahoe has created a simple system that can let you dominate local marketing campaigns with High Converting Sales and Lead Pages that can generate profits for your clients almost automatically. Yesterday, Donahoe announced WP Profit Builder (and it sold nearly 2000 copies already) and it is just what local marketing consultants need for building quick sites for offline merchants. This WordPress plugin uses the power of Drag and Drop design to create compelling... [...]