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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

7 Day Digital Landlord launch ends tonight. Special webinar. Price rising. #ad

If you have been on the fence about investing in your tools to rent websites to local businesses for ongoing revenue, your need to decide. Today, it all ends. Todd Gross and Peter Beattie are hanging out together on the special live 7 Day Digital Landlord Closing Party Webinar, tonight July 16th @ 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT), and you are invited.The party is free and you are welcome. This is your last best hope to build your real, professional long-term business setting up professional websites and then renting them for ongoing revenue streams. Over 3,000 copies of this software and its add-ons have... [...]

Rent digital real estate with 7-Day Digital Landlord #ad

No matter who you are, as long as you show the slightest amount of entrepreneurial spirit, someone will say: “You need to get into Real Estate.” They’re not wrong, but there’s a better way. Because, for all the good that comes from investing in traditional Real Estate, there’s also a lot of the bad. Like evictions, expensive overheads, burst pipes in the middle of the night, contractors, a load of legal stuff – the list goes on. So, what if you could get all the benefits of Real Estate investment with none of the drawbacks? Think about getting paid rent, month in, month out,... [...]

7 Day Digital Landlord: Rent sophisticated websites to local businesses #ad

Local businesses need to sell online, period. People have moved a lot of their purchasing online in response to the pandemic. 7 Day Digital Landlord lets you build these online stores with with ease, and then maintain them for a regular monthly fee. Many local businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the post-pandemic world of online shopping. Their brick-and-mortar stores are not seeing as much traffic, and they are losing sales. Selling online is their way out of their downward spiral toward bankruptcy. Whether they sell pizza, real estate, clothing, or services like haircuts or landscaping,... [...]

Video Marketing Fire Sale; up to 89% off #ad

Peter Beattie has just announced a fire sale on his software and training, his 5th annual Video Marketing Fire Sale. Beattie is an expert at video marketing, and he has created many training products and software products to share his expertise with other marketers. In this Fire Sale, he is offering 40 different products, all at remarkable discounts. Many are only $5; one is just $1. All are much less than their normal price. The most expensive is only $27. However, as with all fire sales, this is available for only a limited time, through Monday. Don’t put it off; you may miss the whole... [...]

A WordPress video player that also sells your products + 8 bonuses #ad

Video Turbo Store integrates video with text and graphical sales content#ad It’s been nearly a week since Peter Beattie released Video Turbo Store. This new video player for WordPress sites can boost sales through immediacy. While your visitors are watching your videos, they see scrollable pictures of samples and sales text in the video window. If they like the demo or sales presentation, they can immediately click the embedded buy form. The result is more clicks than if they had to leave the video to take action. Beattie didn’t invent this “Shop while you Watch” concept,... [...]

A WordPress video player that also sells your products #ad

The results are in: online videos are the best way to persuade people to follow your advice (like “you really should buy my product”). But the leap from watching the video to actually taking action loses a lot of people. The problem probably isn’t with your video. It’s the effort to click 2 or 3 times to get to the screen where they can buy. Peter Beattie calls this the ‘video death gap’. People have to stop watching your video and go elsewhere to take action. It may seem like just a few seconds of work, but history shows a big percentage aren’t willing... [...]

In-Stream Video Pitch Technology Monetizes any Video #ad reports, ” Consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners.” Because video can attract so much attention and hold interest so well, maximizing the power of your videos is key to improving your success. In Peter Beattie’s new Video Ad Rival adds several interactive functions to your online videos. Here are some of the benefits of this new software: ■ Add your own promo videos to the beginning of any video you want, to promote anything you choose. ■ Add banner ads (or any graphic that you want) and make it pop up in your video... [...]

18 Brand New Animated Video Templates & Video Sketch Graphics #ad

Peter Beattie is releasing his latest templates for marketing videos, Instant Video Templates V5. These are the best and most diverse templates he ever released, and he has included 18 templates in his package, more than he included in his first 4 packages. The point of these templates is that he provides you background scenes and other video elements such as characters to use in building your animated marketing videos. These templates can be used to build videos in Powerpoint, Keynote & Open Office. You can also use the many video elements in software specifically made for marketers, such... [...]

Instant Video Templates V4 for professional videos #ad

Today, Peter Beattie is releasing a new set of 14 Animated Video Templates & Video Sketch Graphics. This is his fourth set, targeted to internet marketers who want to create explainer videos and to consultants working with local businesses. Use these templates in video software such as Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Maker FX, and other video software, to create marketing videos for your own business of for clients.: Some of the templates are designed to meet the needs of particular niches, such as Health and Fitness, Home-based business, and 8 more. Four more general templates are included. You... [...]

Rapid Video Funnels: 10 online product funnel strategies#ad

Peter Beattie is a well-known online marketing trainer and product developer. IM NewsWatch has mentioned his work many times. Now Beattie is sharing his own strategies for putting together and implementing 10 of his best, most profitable, video funnels. You are getting his templates (that is, designs) so you can copy his best-performing sales funnels, campaigns and promotions to build your own business. He uses videos in his funnels so not only an he explain his products, but he can also illustrate and demonstrate what he is selling. These videos automatically market his products for him, and,... [...]