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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Animation Studio rocks your sales videos #ad

Animated videos make an engaging sales tool on any website. People are drawn to them. Paul Ponna and Todd Gross are releasing new anuimation software they have spent over a year perfecting. They call it Animation Studio. It contains a couple of powerful features that make your video creations so much easier: 1. They have […]

Don’t want to be on camera? EZ Magic Video is for you #ad

Making marketing videos can be intimidating. You may think you don’t look good enough or don’t speak well enough. You may get stage fright. But you know how valuable a video can be in converting visitors to buyers. Can anything make you feel comfortable making videos? Now there is a solution for your problems: EZ […]

EZ Magic Video: pro spokespeople at your command, 2000 clips #ad

Online Marketers are becoming intrigued by EZ Magic Video. It does something no other video software available to the average marketer has been able to do. It creates spokesperson videos, with live human presenters, not just cartoon characters, that can be customized (within bounds) to present your message, including your Call to Action. By using […]

EZ Magic Video: Custom videos with human spokespeople, easy DIY #ad

Todd Gross and Matt Bush have been working on video creation software that allows you to use 5 different human spokespeople, and automatically tell them what to say so that their message fits you needs, regardless of your niche. You can see the power of that ability, I’m sure. Their new software, called EZ Magic […]

VideoRobot: video creation software for the rest of us #ad

Late last week, new video creation software was launched, called Video Robot. This is brand new all-around video creation technology that will meet your needs for all kinds of marketing videos, and it does it with an unprecedented level of automation. When you create a video with Video Robot, you can choose which style of […]

Update: Online Marketers give Video Builder a massive ‘thumbs up’ #ad

Update: Online Marketers give Video Builder a massive ‘thumbs up’ #ad In the hours since VideoBuilder went on sale yesterday, internet marketers around the world have invested in (i.e., bought) over 10,000 copies. That is almost unprecedented for first day sales. This new software has filled a need that a large number of experienced marketers […]

Groundbreaking video animation app lip-syncs cartoon characters #ad

Animated “explainer” videos that introduce a new product have become a way of life for many marketing introductions, but there has always been a drawback. It was not commercially practical for a small to medium business to make the movement of the on-screen avatar character’s lips to the words being spoken. Disney has the budget […]

VideoPal software builds persuasive online spokesperson videos #ad

Paul Ponna and Todd Gross are releasing their new video tool (VideoPal) that creates 3D spokespeople on your website, either a 3D artistic rendering or a video of a live human. Whether artistic or live actor, your video will both talk and move naturally for whatever script you create. You get multiple men and multiple […]

Make professional quality videos, even from your mobile device #ad

As reported yesterday, Matt Houghton and Todd Gross released Virtual Studio Simulator, software and training that put green screen videos within the reach of any marketer. No longer do you have to be rich and famous to afford green screen effects in your videos. No longer do you need a lot of expensive gear, a […]

Video business in a box; Virtual Studio Simulator #ad

Now, you can take advantage of the power of online video to build your business (and your clients’ businesses, if you are a consultant) bigger and better than ever. Even if you are a beginner and even if you are low on funds, you can take advantage of the persuasive power of green screen videos, […]