Local businesses need to sell online, period. People have moved a lot of their purchasing online in response to the pandemic. 7 Day Digital Landlord lets you build these online stores with with ease, and then maintain them for a regular monthly fee.

Many local businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the post-pandemic world of online shopping. Their brick-and-mortar stores are not seeing as much traffic, and they are losing sales. Selling online is their way out of their downward spiral toward bankruptcy.

Whether they sell pizza, real estate, clothing, or services like haircuts or landscaping, they need people to be able to buy from them just as they buy from Amazon, in an online store.

In a climate like this, it pays to become a Digital Landlord.

You can rent out simple digital storefronts to local businesses desperately in need of a way to sell their products or services online in the new “Local-Digital-Economy?”

You’d charge them, say, $2,000 to set it up for them and then $1,000/month in “rent.” Once you have an ongoing relationship with a business, you would have opportunities to sell them other online services, too, such as “Google my Business” or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram marketing.

The number of digital storefronts you can rent out knows no limits if you invest in the Pro version of 7 Day Digital Landlord.

This is the world’s first Turn-key Digital Landlord Agency platform. It is being released today by Todd Gross and Peter Beatty.

At last, regardless of your experience, you can quickly build and rent “Ready to go” Digital Storefronts to businesses in any niche, for recurring 4 figure rental payments in just a few clicks!

You have the skills to do this. Beattie shows how to do it here: 7 Day Digital Landlord.

The software is powerful enough to have your first Storefront live and ready to rent out in 5 minutes or less.

You can grab it at a big discount for the next few hours.

Pretty soon, they say, they’ll be selling this powerful software via webinar for $497, but for a short while longer you can get over 90% off.

They’re only offering this discount to build a case study of success stories for their Digital Landlord student library.

So, you have a choice:

• Invest the discounted fee, knowing you’ve received a bargain on building a simple online business.

• Wait a few days so you can pay full price for the same software, tools, and training.

What’s it going to be?

Click here to get your big 7-Day Digital Landlord discount: 7 Day Digital Landlord.

PS: If the business already has a minimal website they don’t want to lose, you can still upsell them to a professional site because you can migrate WordPress sites and Wix sites to : 7 Day Digital Landlord automatically and then improve them.

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