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Monday, July 22, 2024

Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success #ad

Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success is today’s MyNams December Deal, available until midnight. Membership sites are a good way to bring in an ongoing income stream. Your site offers them good information that will help the audience you target with some aspect of their life or work. People pay monthly, quarterly, or annually to be members of your site. Maintaining a membership site doesn’t have to be drudgery or boring. But it can be if you do it wrong. That’s why you need Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success. It guides you, from start to... [...]

SiteGenius: Get Paid to Build AI-Generated Sites #ad

SiteGenius AI is for you if you want to get paid to build AI-generated sites while ChatGPT does 100% of the work. Or if you want to have your own profit-generating ChatGPT affiliate site filled with hundreds popular articles and hot products, also check this out: SiteGenius AI. And, if you’re new at internet marketing and you want to start earning real online income, be sure to take a look at this: SiteGenius AI. Finally, if you wish you had your very own profitable website that doesn’t require any skills or do any manual work, you should also check this out: SiteGenius AI. This is an... [...]

Monetize Your Life with Storytelling (MyNAMS Deal of the Day) #ad

Monetize Your Life with Storytelling training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, available until midnight, at a greatly reduced price. It is a recorded workshop that shows you how to take events from your daily life and turn those stories into profitable pieces of content using the 7-step template. (Keep reading to see how I do this later in this ad.) Perdew learned the value of storytelling for business from his grandfather, who ran a country store and swapped stories with his customers. These stories kept them interested and coming back to his store over and over again. Discovering how... [...]

ToonReel creates explainer videos for your course, coaching or product #ad

If you want to create mesmerizing explainer videos easily, ToonReel can do it for you. It’s especially helpful if you lack the skills and time. This new app lets anyone make stunning animated explainer videos in just 3 steps: Step 1: ➕ Enter your online product details. Step 2: 🤖 ToonReel writes the script and animates the video. Step 3: 🎥 Customize and download your completed video. With ToonReel, you can create persuasive and high-converting marketing videos like: ✅ Sales and affiliate videos ✅ YouTube ads ✅ Social media videos ✅ Product demos ✅ And more. It uses AI to... [...]

Create a Low-Cost Buyers List (MyNAMS Deal of the Day) #ad

Create a Low-Cost Buyers List training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, available until midnight, at a reduced price. You need a mailing list to operate a successful online business. More than that, you need a list of people who are interested in buying products in your niche, a “buyers list”. Create a Low-Cost Buyers List shows you how to create a buyers list without spending a lot of money to do it. The essence of the process is to create a very-low-cost product, advertise it, then collect the contact information for the buyers of that product. Then gradually introduce... [...]

SiteGenius AI builds impressive affiliate sites in seconds #ad

SiteGenius AI is an AI-powered app that lets users instantly build profitable affiliate niche sites while AI does all of the work. The sites it creates are filled with 100s of helpful articles, making them an authority on any topic and earning affiliate commission from product reviews. With the help of ChatGPT, SiteGenius AI does everything for users including: ➤ Suggests the best niche to focus on ➤ Helps with domain selection ➤ Writes 100s of helpful articles and affiliate product reviews that get ranked in search engines and drive free traffic ➤ Plus, a lot more. It’s a fully automated... [...]

Conversion Secrets: get more followers, subscribers, and customers #ad

Conversion Secrets training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, until midnight tonight, and then it, like all its predecessors, will be gone. In the marketing world, conversion refers to getting first-time visitors and readers to take an action to increase their relationship with your business. It may be to sign up to your mailing list, to respond to a poll, to buy a product, or to click on a link to another website. It is actions like these that enable your business to survive and to grow. As David Perdew says, “If you’re getting traffic, but nobody’s buying, you’ve... [...]

ToonReel reveal starts at 10 AM EST. Are you coming? #ad

ToonReel is being launched today, and to celebrate, there will be a launch party online at 10:00 EST. At 10am ET, Abhi Dwivedi will be showcasing this game-changing AI technology that creates professional animated cartoon videos from ANY keyword in minutes. You don’t want to miss seeing this revolutionary software in action. On today’s live demo, you’ll discover: 🎥 How to transform any script or text into a stunning cartoon animated video using ToonReel 🧠 Watch the AI create polished cartoons and animations completely hands-free 🚀 See how easy it is to tap into unlimited... [...]

How to Build a Sales Funnel with Tools You Already Have #ad

How to Build a Sales Funnel with Tools You Already Have training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, until midnight tonight, and then it will be gone. You don’t need expensive, fancy funnel building software to create a sales funnel online. This simple funnel building technique that will save you money, increase your revenue & take the confusion out of building your funnels. With How to Build a Sales Funnel with Tools You Already Have under your belt, you’ll never have to hire someone to build your sales funnels again. You will be able to use these simple instructions to... [...]

Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts (NAMS December Deals) #ad

Today’s NAMS December Deal is Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts. It is on sale today only. Tomorrow, there will be a new deal. Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts is a video series especially for information marketers who have a product they want to sell. If you aren’t familiar with WarriorPlus, it is a platform where product creators can invite other marketers who have mailing lists of their own to promote the product to their list in return for a commission. (The term used for these other marketers who promote is “Affiliates.”) If you want to attract and manage affiliates... [...]

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