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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Flipping websites is more profitable than flipping houses #ad

In both cases (house flipping and site flipping), you buy something, make improvements and sell it quickly for more than your costs.But that’s where the similarity ends. Look at this analysis.How to flip a house:• Find a house selling at a discount (you’re looking for a bargain price, a house worth more than the asking price)• Make repairs and simple improvements• Sell the improved house for a profitYes, you can make several thousand dollars flipping a house, but it takes weeks or months to make repairs and upgrades so you can sell it for a profit.And you have to invest... [...]

Flipside profits: Profit from flipping simple, quick websites #ad

There’s now a way to take $10-$15, and with just 2 hours of work turn that investment into $200 or $2,000 or even more.With a little cultivation, your $15 investment can even possibly turn into $3,000. You really need to see the proof for yourself: Flipside Profits.This process is simple: buy a domain, put a simple website on it and sell it for a lot more than you paid. It’s called “website flipping”.At 9:00 AM EDT today, Phil Blackwell, Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko are releasing new training on how to create and flip site. The call it Flipside Profits.This new training... [...]

Can 3000 online marketers be wrong about it? #ad

It’s been a little over a month since Stephen Gilbert released Snap Affiliate Profits. In these weeks, over 3000 marketers have invested in this training.If you want more details about this training in effective affiliate marketing, you can check the earlier notice on IM NewsWatch here: IM NewsWatch notice on Snap Affiliate Profits.In summary, Gilbert reports that he has been able to use $5 in Facebook ads to generate $75 in sales. Snap Affiliate Profits shows how to do it.Keep in mind:• This is a case study showing how he did it, including his real results.• It only takes 20-30... [...]

Snap Affiliate Profits for profitable affiliate marketing #ad

Stephen Gilbert, Greg Kononenko and Steven Meiracker are online marketers of long-standing. They both create products of their own and market as affiliates for other people’s products.From their experience, they have found marketing processes that let them be consistently profitable in affiliate marketing in two of the most competitive niches on earth: weight loss and dating.They have just released their new training, Snap Affiliate Profits, that shows how they approach these 2 niches and earn good profits in 20 minutes per day.First of all, they have found a new way to get $0.05 clicks... [...]

Super Simple Videos: making and ranking them in Google Bing, and Yahoo #ad

Stephen Gilbert and Devin Zander have worked at optimizing the results they get with YouTube videos. They have found remarkable ways to improve the rank of any video they make.They have put their recipe for high-ranking, profitable videos into Super Simple Videos.Gilbert reports that the techniques in this training:• Have been working for him for years• Work every time• Work quickly• Rank videos for major buying keywords• Work durably; once you’re on page 1, you stay there• Work for any niche• Are evergreen; they are likely to continue to work for years to come.The... [...]

Stephen Gilbert Announces ‘Total Tumblr Takeover’ WSO

Stephen Gilbert has announced a warrior special offer for the ‘Total Tumblr Takeover’ training course. This course teaches how to use Tumblr to create blogs that generate high revenue quickly.Gilbert says, “Total Tumblr Takeover Leaves Nothing Out. It will make you $$$:· We show you from start to finish how to fully customize your blog…· We give you the hidden secret to content creation. You don’t even have to know how to write… · The blueprint for traffic within a tumblr blog that brings in traffic FROM Tumblr and skips the Google Mess.· The exact site... [...]