In both cases (house flipping and site flipping), you buy something, make improvements and sell it quickly for more than your costs.

But that’s where the similarity ends. Look at this analysis.

How to flip a house:
• Find a house selling at a discount (you’re looking for a bargain price, a house worth more than the asking price)
• Make repairs and simple improvements
• Sell the improved house for a profit

Yes, you can make several thousand dollars flipping a house, but it takes weeks or months to make repairs and upgrades so you can sell it for a profit.
And you have to invest thousands of dollars up-front to do it, deal with contractors who don’t always show up or do quality work,not to mention hundreds of hours of your time.

How to flip a website:
• Buy a domain name ($10-$15)
• Get a cheap hosting account ($2-$5 (per month, but you may only keep it one month)
• Add a few pages to your site
• Place it on a broker site for sale.

The whole process can be done in a week or less. You probably won’t make as much for one site as if you flipped a house, but your financial investment is tiny, not thousands of dollars, and your investment in time is only a few hours, not weeks or months.

So one an hourly basis, you are making more and getting results faster.

You do it so quickly and so cheaply, you could probably flip several every month. Try doing that with houses.

So, would you like to know in detail, how to flip websites? Stephen Gilbert and his partners have created training that is so well designed that even a beginner can do it. It’s called Flipside Profits.

With just a small investment and with just 2 hours of work, you can turn that investment into $200 or $2,000 or even more by selling your simple site.Gilbert and team show you exactly how.

Flipside Profits is a case study on website flipping. Follow them through their process and repeat their steps.You may be surprised at how simple and how lucrative it can be. For example (not typical, but illustrative of the potential), they showed this process to one man who was able to absorb the training and then turn a $10 investment into a $10,000 sale.

This is a video training course, showing methods that Phil Blackwell, one of the authors of this course, is currently using to turn his $13 investments in new sites into profitable “flips”.

He develops sites with some simple work, and then either sells them for up to $3k each, or, sometimes, he rents them out for up to $600 a month.

Flipside Profits consists of step-by-step videos. Each video covers a step or two in detail. Your process is well-defined; just follow the steps.

You need to decide if it’s right for you. The best way to do that is to watch their demo video, hereL Flipside Profits.

And, be assured: this is a proven, tested to work method that will have you started on your first flip in record time.

We have arranged to give our readers three bonus products that have the potential to help you sell your domains for more profit.

See our bonuses here: Flipside Profits Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers.

With website flipping, you start earning almost immediately. You can have your first site ready to sell by this time next week. After the first one, you will begin to pick up speed.

Get the whole story here; you’ll be glad you did: Flipside Profits.

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