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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Flipping websites is more profitable than flipping houses #ad

In both cases (house flipping and site flipping), you buy something, make improvements and sell it quickly for more than your costs.But that’s where the similarity ends. Look at this analysis.How to flip a house:• Find a house selling at a discount (you’re looking for a bargain price, a house worth more than the asking price)• Make repairs and simple improvements• Sell the improved house for a profitYes, you can make several thousand dollars flipping a house, but it takes weeks or months to make repairs and upgrades so you can sell it for a profit.And you have to invest... [...]

Flipside profits: Profit from flipping simple, quick websites #ad

There’s now a way to take $10-$15, and with just 2 hours of work turn that investment into $200 or $2,000 or even more.With a little cultivation, your $15 investment can even possibly turn into $3,000. You really need to see the proof for yourself: Flipside Profits.This process is simple: buy a domain, put a simple website on it and sell it for a lot more than you paid. It’s called “website flipping”.At 9:00 AM EDT today, Phil Blackwell, Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko are releasing new training on how to create and flip site. The call it Flipside Profits.This new training... [...]