One of the hottest video trend is full-screen video background landing pages. Take a look at the Paypal landing page, as an example, and there are plenty of others.

Big companies are moving in this direction because these pages relax the website visitor, or conveys a message, or puts them in a buying mood.

Unfortunately, the software to create these attractive pages has been expensive, so many of us small businesses have been left out of the revolution. but tomorrow that all changes because Mark Dulisse releases software to create this effect “for the rest of us”.

He calls it Video Effects Press WP Theme. It is one of the themes he created for his Salespress Pro 2 (so if you already have that, you don’t need his new package.)

with this new theme, Dulisse has made it super simple to not only create video backgrounds for nearly any foreground element you can imagine, but he is also including some of the most professional motion videos that you can use as backgrounds. They work with the software right out of the box.

The low price, itself, will surprise you, and in addition, he includes a “Developer’s License” option for just a few dollars more. So you can sell your motion video page services to your clients.

IM NewsWatch was given permission to share an early bird link, prior to the formal announcement tomorrow. You can get on the early-bird list for Video Effects Press WP Theme for about the next 24 hours This way you will be notified when it’s opened for sale at an introductory price that will be rising in just a few hours.

Be one of the few charter members to grab the most visual WordPress theme you have ever seen; get on the early-bird list right here:: Video Effects Press WP Theme.

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