Mark Dulisse just re-released his popular Covert Player Pro.<>/p>

This professional video play has the features a marketer needs, and in this short-term sales, it has a price that will please.

Look at some of the things it can do for you:
• Capture people’s email addresses at significant turning points in the video process (beginning, end, any pause point, etc.)
• Show a Call to Actions at significant turning points in the video process, too.
• Create a flexible playlist for your users so they can easily watch their favorite videos again
• Let text Wrap Around video thumbnails, but then the video pulls Out when clicked, just like the cable news websites have
• Works using Self Hosted, YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

For just 4 days, Dulisse is offering this at 50% off. If you have been wishing you had invested in it the last time it became available, you can correct your mistake now, while it’s on sale.

You only have 4 days to get your copy with an unlimited personal license version (other versions are also available, too.) : Covert Player Pro.

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