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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

WP LeadCapture plugin creates beautiful video landing pages #ad

Ken Sar has just released WP LeadCapture, which can be your answer to creating a suqeeze page that sells your visitor on opting in for your offer. Your page presents a video that attracts people’s attention. The page has no text to distract people from the video you want them to watch. There’s just a button below the video that says “Continue”. Once the visitor watches the video and clicks “Continue”, now they are shown your text that encourage them to opt in, and then the optin form. (There ‘s a live sdample available from the sales page.) This cleaner... [...]

Scarcity sells; AffiliatePress builds it into your offers #ad

Ken Sar has just started selling AffiliatePress at a discount. This WordPress plugin lets you build a sales page that motivates a quick decision. It has a count-down timer that warns of the impending end of the special offer you are promoting. This page is intended as a pre-sell page to be used by an affiliate promoting someone else’s product. You include enough text to make the visitor interested. You include a video to show them what it can do. And your timer screams “Do it now; time is almost up.” This timer the most prominent feature feature of the page, but it works together... [...]

New fines for sending SMS messages without permission #ad

The USA government enacted the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act, effective October 16, 2013. Among other provisions, it prohibits sending marketing messages via SMS unless the receiver has given unambiguous permission for the messages. And it imposes large fines for every violation. The clear message is, “Watch out, because the risks of getting caught are great. The fines are hundreds of dollars for each improper message sent. If you send a message to 1000 people without their permission, your fine can be over $500,000. Ken Sar intends to protect you from these fines with his new wp... [...]

Ken Sar Launches ‘Getting Facebook Traffic’ System

Ken Sar has launched the ‘Getting Facebook Traffic’ System. According to Sar, this system teaches the ways to get web traffic using the social networking site Facebook. [Getting Facebook Traffic] […]  [...]

Ken Sar Launches ‘WP2FP’ Video Course

Ken Sar has launched the ‘WP2FP’ video course. This course teaches how to transform a WordPress site into a Facebook Fan Page. [‘WP2FP’ Video Course] […]  [...]