The USA government enacted the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act, effective October 16, 2013. Among other provisions, it prohibits sending marketing messages via SMS unless the receiver has given unambiguous permission for the messages. And it imposes large fines for every violation.

The clear message is, “Watch out, because the risks of getting caught are great. The fines are hundreds of dollars for each improper message sent. If you send a message to 1000 people without their permission, your fine can be over $500,000.

Ken Sar intends to protect you from these fines with his new wp SMS Wizard..

One of the most popular ways of sending SMS is using , a service set up specifically to distribute marketing SMS. With Twilio, it’s easy, but that makes it dangerous. If you haven’t received permission, the very ease of Twilio can be your downfall. You can send out thousands of messages in just moments, earning you thousands of $500 fines.

wp SMS Wizard. gets the permission you need, and it integrates with Twilio so you can send your messages only to the people who have opted in.

This WordPress plugin has advantages over any other SMS plugin you have seen:
• Simple to use; no confusing instructions
• Fully compliant with the new rule and the Can Spam law
• Unlimited SMS mailing list size. It grows with you.
• Full SMS Autoresponder that delivers messages on the schedule you select
• Easy to use coupon issuing system for your customers
• Supports an optional loyalty club and a birthday club to reward your clustomers

All this is automated for you, so you just need an account with Twilio. Then you can start writing messages for smartphone users.

IM NewsWatch contacted Sar about his plans for wp SMS Wizard He replied that its “Personal Use license will be taken off the market after 12/31/13, and that right now the price is $47. But on 12/21/13, price will be $67. Then after Xmas, 12/26/13, price will be $97.
“After 12/31/13, the wso will be closed and wp SMS Wizard personal use license will be taken off the market. Will only offer it as WSO again when Twilio has SMS in other countries. But at that time, the price will likely be $197 and upward.”

So, Sar is giving you a fair warning. There’s a big disadvantage if you wait. If you need to send SMS messages from your site, check out this new plugin here: wp SMS Wizard.

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