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Monday, January 18, 2021

Scarcity sells; AffiliatePress builds it into your offers #ad

Ken Sar has just started selling AffiliatePress at a discount. This WordPress plugin lets you build a sales page that motivates a quick decision. It has a count-down timer that warns of the impending end of the special offer you are promoting. This page is intended as a pre-sell page to be used by an affiliate promoting someone else’s product. You include enough text to make the visitor interested. You include a video to show them what it can do. And your timer screams “Do it now; time is almost up.” This timer the most prominent feature feature of the page, but it works together... [...]

AffiliatePress: Your affiliate sales improve when there’s scarcity #ad

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being an affiliate marketer. On the plus side, you are outsourcing the product development and product support to the product creator; you just handle the sales. On the minus side, you are one dozens or perhaps even hundreds of affiliates. As an affiliate, your success rests on being unique. If you offer something other affiliates don’t offer, you will make more sales. There’s another aspect that will also improve your sales: scarcity of what you offer. The AffiliatePress offers you the opportunity to make a unique offer and at the same... [...]