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Friday, April 19, 2024

Tera gets tons of the highest quality traffic #ad

Tera has just been released by the Venkata Ramana team. Its purpose is to bring you high-quality traffic; that is, motivated, eager buyer traffic. No longer are you limited to buying ads on Facebook, Bing, or Google for getting highly targeted traffic. Some of the best traffic you can get comes from Instagram Views. With Tera, you can generate views (Ramana says it’s thousands of views) just 2 clicks of your mouse. This is an under-the-radar app that helps even beginners take advantage of Instagram’s “Surveillance Algorithm” to create unstoppable “traffic machines.” Tera... [...]

How Luke Maguire took a new Instagram account to 64K engaged followers #ad

Today, 8 AM EDT, is your last chance to participate in the EngagerMate Introductory Webinar. It would be a shame to miss it. But if you do, you can get most of the information at the EngagerMate website. At 9 AM EDT, the doors open for users of this new tool that promotes engagement of Instagram users with your Instagram content. In the webinar, Luke Maguire, the creator of EngagerMate, will show he he used it to build his own business. Indeed, he will be discussing a lot of the techniques he used ( and you can use) to take full advantage of Instagram’s growing popularity: ■ How you can... [...]

ITaggz: Discover Best Ranking Instagram Hashtags in Seconds #ad

Instagram is the rising star on the social media scene. Thousands of people use it daily and depend on it for trends, fashions and fun. Every marketer worth his/her salf wants to profit from this popular platform. However, profiting from it turns out to not be as easy as you might think. In fact, most marketers fail time and time again using Instagram. There could be several reasons why. For example, Problem 1: You can’t get your content the same level of exposure the superstars get. Problem 2: You can’t design the content your audience is hungry for. Problem 3: You can’t turn... [...]

Instagram taking over social media; Gram Poster gets you in #ad

It’s no secret that Instagram, owned by Facebook, is the rising star in the social media arena. Facebook, itself, is said to be losing members at a steady pace. One of their best business moves was buying Instagram. In fact, Instagram has grown to over 1 Billion users monthly. That’s the kind of platform marketers want to take advantage of to grow their business. The problem is the limited native user interface for posting onto Instagram. It was built for casual use by photographers, especially amateurs taking pictures of their homes, their crafts, their family, etc. You snap a picture... [...]

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