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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Instagram taking over social media; Gram Poster gets you in #ad

It’s no secret that Instagram, owned by Facebook, is the rising star in the social media arena. Facebook, itself, is said to be losing members at a steady pace. One of their best business moves was buying Instagram. In fact, Instagram has grown to over 1 Billion users monthly. That’s the kind of platform marketers want to take advantage of to grow their business. The problem is the limited native user interface for posting onto Instagram. It was built for casual use by photographers, especially amateurs taking pictures of their homes, their crafts, their family, etc. You snap a picture... [...]

Marketing on Instagram hasn’t been easy, until Gram Poster #ad

Here’s the punch line of this post: Gram Poster automates & simplifies Instagram Marketing. Read on for more details. There are a lot of people using Instagram who would like some of the products you sell. That’s the good news, but there’s also bad news. Instagram’s process for posting on their site is very limited and is not easy to use: • Instagram only allows you to post content through their mobile app. • Uploading videos and photos (that you created elsewhere) to your phone for posting is complicated. • Posting what you want when you want just isn’t... [...]

Can Gram Poster Elite help you conquer Instagram? #ad

Instagram is made for marketers who have visual stories to tell about their products. Marketers are making six and seven figures in virtually any niche by taking action early to show their product on Instagram. A year ago, Thomas Witek invented Gram Poster, a major step forward in usability of Instagram for marketers. Last winter, he announced Gram Poster 2, a major improvement over the original version. Today, he is announcing Gram Poster Elite. This cloud-based software is a solution for finding content that you can re-post and then posting your content on a schedule you determine, doing it all... [...]

With Gram Poster, Instagram brings visits, opt-ins and sales #ad

Instagram statistics are impressive. 1 out of 2 people under the age of 35 are on Instagram today. That means that over 1 Billion people are on Instagram. As a result, Instagram is now one of the top social networks. It’s a market that should not be ignored. Thomas Witek has created new software that will help you take advantage of the power of Instagram. It is called Gram Poster, and it will transform your Instagram marketing with the simplicity that it offers. Now, Instagram becomes practical for the small business or solo entrepreneurs. Now you don’t need to be a celebrity to earn... [...]

Gram Poster: Instagram can turn a business around #ad

Thomas Witek saw the growing popularity of Instagram and realized that it could be a big contributor to business succes. After all, 1 out of every 2 people under the age of 35 are on Instagram. That’s a huge market, even if you ignore all the thousands of people who are over 35. Witek began experimenting to see how to best take advantage of the popularity of Instagram with these younger consumers. He discovered that by placing viral content on his Instagram accounts, he could build large mailing lists, quickly, easily and with a minimum of creating work. He has put what he learned into his... [...]

FyrePoster Automatically Posts to Facebook Groups #ad

Facebook has maximized the potential for “birds of a feather” interaction with the inclusion of Facebook Groups in its services. A Facebook Group can be set up by any Facebook subscriber around any topic of interest. The group creator determines who is allowed to join the group and then manages group interactions. Because groups are associated with a particular niche, the members are a laser-targeted list of excellent prospects for purchasing niche-related products. Tell a golf group, for example, about your new ball, club, training video, etc., and you are likely to get a good response... [...]