Instagram is the rising star on the social media scene. Thousands of people use it daily and depend on it for trends, fashions and fun. Every marketer worth his/her salf wants to profit from this popular platform.

However, profiting from it turns out to not be as easy as you might think. In fact, most marketers fail time and time again using Instagram. There could be several reasons why. For example,

Problem 1: You can’t get your content the same level of exposure the superstars get.

Problem 2: You can’t design the content your audience is hungry for.

Problem 3: You can’t turn your likes into leads that bring you actual business sales.

But there is good news for marketers who want to use Instagram but haven’t figured it all out.

A new platform called ITaggz was just released a few days ago after a successful beta test.

This new software has gotten “behind the curtain” of Instagram, to understand its ecosystem so you can work smarter, not harder, on Instagram. For example, here are some of the things it can do for you:

Instant Hashtag Search – Enter any tag to locate the hottest related tags within seconds.
Business name search – Let your competitors do the hard work promoting a business. Find out what’s working for them.
Trending Searches – Need inspiration? Check the fastest growing searches quickly.
Email Hashtags to yourself & your assistant – Easily Send results to your own email or to your assistant.
View Posts – One easy-to-view page shows all posts
Rearrange reports in 1 click – Sort results by tag used, by number of likes, or by most comments with a mouse click.
Easy Spreadsheet download – Export tags to a spreadsheet by clicking once
Assign Favorite Categories – Save your regular business names or hashtags that you normally follow with one click
Create your own category – With our 2 step creation system. Follow multiple people in multiple industries and keep everything organized.

One of its most helpful features is I-Automate – Email yourself daily hot HashTags (in any industry). This 24/7 Automatic daily email system can be set up to follow any hashtag or business name.

With the insights ITaggz gives you, no longer will you need to agonize about what hashtags to use. Just cut & paste and create more daily posts with hashtags that have been proven to pull visitors.

This whole system can be a massive time saver. Once a day, cut, paste and upload an image and watch for the results

And, to top it off, if you invest today, you receive a Commercial License at no additional cost, so you can offer clients ITaggz services without paying any extra fees.

This can really get your Instagram marketing revved up. Get your copy here: ITaggz.

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