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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Automated reputation management business set up for you #ad

Every business owner who knows the dangers of chatter on the Internet, knows that a reputation can be destroyed almost overnight by a dissatisfied customer.A complaint on a social media site can go viral and within days, customers can dry up. You can try to avoid these issues by treating every customer with respect and courtesy, but once a person is upset, the only defense is to respond to their complaint quickly and decisively.This raises the question: how can I discover these unhappy people and their complaints. Every business needs a way to find them; without it their reputation will suffer.Even... [...]

Your own product (or portfolio of products) for sale #ad

Now, you can have your own product, without the product creation cost or delay.Edmund Loh has created IM How To Videos and is offering to let you sell these videos as your own, replacing his name on the cover with yours, then replacing the product name he selected with one that you select, and then keeping all the income from every sale. This is a series of training videos for anyone who wants to learn the technical ins and outs of setting up their online business.It’s important to note that this course is created around an in-demand topic that has not only been popular for years but... [...]

“Shoe In Money”, Jeremy Shoemaker’s guide to online profits #ad

You probably have heard of the ShoeMoney blog. It’s Jeremy Shoemaker‘s most famous website, and it gets over 30,000 visitors daily. Shoemaker has become a media personality because of his successful books, websites and, face it, his personality.This was a turn-around in his life. He started from no money, no job, almost no education, and built this media empire. Somewhere along the way, he met underground marketer Peng Joon, who showed him how to build his marketing success even further.Working together, they have created new training, their Shoe In Money, based on their collective... [...]

“Newbie to Guru” Training: get your web business started quickly #ad

Andrew Anderson and faith Madison just released Newbie to Guru Rocket Training to show real beginners how to build an online business in record time.In your business you will need to have: • A website (and beginners should probably use WordPress to build it) • An email autoresponder so you can send out emails to your subscribers • A Payment Gateway, so you can accept payment • A landing page (also known as a squeeze page) • Good coordination among all these parts.In Newbie to Guru Rocket Training, you will discover how to create all these pieces and get them to work... [...]