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Friday, October 23, 2020

PR Rage software makes domain flipping easy #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the second generation of PR Rage 2.0. This new software helps you flip a $10 investment in a domain name into a profitable sale or, if you prefer, into passive rental income, all without any technical skills. Here’s the simple process for finding a domain to flip Step 1: Enter a domain name you think would be perfect. (It may or may not be available.) Step 2: PR Rage 2.0 generates a list of similar names that are available to buy. You can narrow the results based on age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals, estimated value and more. Step 3: Choose... [...]

PR Rage finds cheap domain names with high page rank #ad

Page Rank is a measure of how much search engines (specifically, Google, but other search engines usually agree) value your site and send searchers to it for relevant queries. A high page rank indicates Google likes the site. At takes time and effort to build high page rank for a site. Rarely does a site earn high page rank quickly. However, there is a way to build a site that does have high page rank from the beginning. If someone creates a site, works on it for a few years until its page rank is high and then abandons it, you may be able to use the abandoned domain name to build your own site... [...]

Walt Bayliss releases Webinar Jeo professional webinar system #ad

Webinars are a route many successful marketers use to bring in income. In that way, webinars are like TV infomercials, only a lot cheaper. Webinar systems are widely available. Unfortunately, although they are cheaper than infomercials, many webinar platforms are themselves pricey for small marketers. The best-known webinar platforms are priced out of the reach of beginning marketers. Check their pricing here: • Go to Meeting pricing • Webex pricing Even Mike Filsaime’s and Andy Jenkins’s WebinarJam, designed for individual marketers, is $397 per year, and it depends on Google... [...]

RunClick Owners Upgrade: Important news for previous buyers #ad

If you invested in Walt Bayliss‘s RunClick software, you will want to be aware of this update he is making. RunClick turns Google Hangouts into webinars, with registration, reminders and other important tools for marketing webinars. This software makes professional webinars available to any marketer; no deep pockets are needed. The technique worked, but there are two limitations that reduced the value of using RunClick: 1. There is a delay in transmitting what you say, only a second or two, and if you are lecturing, it doesn’t matter. But, if you are doing an interactive webinar,... [...]

Hydravid Cloud Video Marketing Software Held Over #ad

Walt Bayliss released Hydravid Cloud last week, and planned to shut down his launch in just 3 days, Sunday night EDT. But as of this writing, it is still available. Bayliss reports that you can multiply your traffic to you website by 40 times by using it, since in the time it takes to post a video on YouTube, it can post the video on 40 sites, not just 1. And Hydravid Cloud is simple and quick to use, under 2 minutes. Using videos in marketing is the most powerful technique you have. And taking advantage of the free YouTube video platform makes it so simple that even a beginner can do it. Savvy... [...]

Don’t trip over these 5 mistakes in your marketing webinars #ad

We just checked and Walt Bayliss is still offering a free copy of his new report, The 5 biggest mistakes that webinar presenters make. Bayliss is hard at work on new software that makes it easier to do successful webinars. He wants people to understand that webinars can form an important part of a marketing strategy, but only if they are used intelligently. That’s why he created this free report, The 5 biggest mistakes that webinar presenters make. When Bayliss is ready to announce his actual product, IM NewsWatch will report it. While you wait, pick up a free copy of this report with no... [...]

Don’t make these 5 mistakes in your marketing webinars #ad

Walt Bayliss is offering a free copy of his report, The 5 biggest mistakes that webinar presenters make. In the near future (the exact date hasn’t been decided), Bayliss plans to announce a new webinar management product. He wants people to be thinking about how webinars can help their marketing effort and how to get the most out of the webinars they hold. The free report gets the conversation started. Then, when he is ready to announce, he will let you know what his product can do. (We have seen a preview, and it can do a lot.) But that’s some time in the future. For now, you can... [...]

Automated reputation management business set up for you #ad

Every business owner who knows the dangers of chatter on the Internet, knows that a reputation can be destroyed almost overnight by a dissatisfied customer. A complaint on a social media site can go viral and within days, customers can dry up. You can try to avoid these issues by treating every customer with respect and courtesy, but once a person is upset, the only defense is to respond to their complaint quickly and decisively. This raises the question: how can I discover these unhappy people and their complaints. Every business needs a way to find them; without it their reputation will suffer. Even... [...]

Hydravid Xray: Free analytic tool from Walt Bayliss #ad

About 6 months ago, Walt Bayliss released his popular video distribution software, Hydravid. Many marketers who recognize the importance of having their videos seen by a wide audience are using this software to syndicate their videos to websites around the world. Now, he has just released Hydravid Xray/u>, a companion program that lets you analyze the competition for your keywords. In mere seconds, it searches competitive videos and shows you key performance measures for them, such as: • Number of views • Number of Likes and Dislikes • Date Published • The user who published it •... [...]

Hydravid 2.0 Video Software syndicates your videos #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the latest version of his video software, Hydravid 2.0 Video Marketing Software. You may have seen earlier versions of this software, but check into what this latest version can do for you. Video is a great aid to your SEO when it is used wisely. This new software takes the guesswork (and the hard work) out of putting video to work in your business. As you know, YouTube videos (and channels of videos) rank well in Google rankings. And they also provide a useful source for backlinks that can make your site show up several times on the front page. Hydravid 2.0 Video... [...]