You probably have heard of the ShoeMoney blog. It’s Jeremy Shoemaker‘s most famous website, and it gets over 30,000 visitors daily. Shoemaker has become a media personality because of his successful books, websites and, face it, his personality.

This was a turn-around in his life. He started from no money, no job, almost no education, and built this media empire. Somewhere along the way, he met underground marketer Peng Joon, who showed him how to build his marketing success even further.

Working together, they have created new training, their Shoe In Money, based on their collective success.

They describe it as “an all-encompassing step-by-step, paint by numbers guide that will show you how to make a lot of money on the internet.” To fulfill this promise, they focus on affiliate marketing. That’s where they have found their own success, so it’s what they know and know well.

Affiliate marketing is perfectly matched for the “little guy” and the “beginner who doesn’t know where to start.” You don’t have to know anything about selling and you don’t have to be an expert on any topic. You just create an ad for someone else’s product and get people to look at your ad.

This course is a 30-day “boot camp”. Each day’s activity is laid out for you in detail. Just follow the steps.

As a bonus for each person that gets this training, Shoemaker is also including:
1. A copy of his international best selling book “Nothings Changed But My Change” (over 200k sold to date).
2. A Free ShoeMoney System Account
3. A Free 197 page home study course written by Shoemaker
4. A Free ShoeMoney blueprint course.

Get the whole story (including Shoemaker’s back story, his rise from nowhere to media rock star) and get in early here: Shoe In Money

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