Now, you can have your own product, without the product creation cost or delay.

Edmund Loh has created IM How To Videos and is offering to let you sell these videos as your own, replacing his name on the cover with yours, then replacing the product name he selected with one that you select, and then keeping all the income from every sale.

This is a series of training videos for anyone who wants to learn the technical ins and outs of setting up their online business.

It’s important to note that this course is created around an in-demand topic that has not only been popular for years but one that continues to grow, so there will always be potential customers just getting started online.

You are getting over 30 on-screen video tutorials showing lessons like:
• How to set up Buy Buttons,
• How to set up WordPress,
• How to do basic SEO,
• and many more.

IM How To Videos is needed by every beginner. You needed it at one point; so did we.

Loh is offering you your own product to sell with no product creation, no outsourcers to manage, and no copywriting, because all the work is done for you.

You could even start your own affiliate program, letting other people help you sell it and use their work to make more money.

That’s just the beginning. Use it in just about any way you want for building your business.

Get your copy here: IM How To Videos.

By the way, Loh’s business is creating products like this for you to sell. Every few weeks, he creates a new one. If you buy this one, you will be offered the chance to sign up to get his others on a subscription plan. That way, you will soon have a whole portfolio of products to sell.

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