Every business owner who knows the dangers of chatter on the Internet, knows that a reputation can be destroyed almost overnight by a dissatisfied customer.

A complaint on a social media site can go viral and within days, customers can dry up.

You can try to avoid these issues by treating every customer with respect and courtesy, but once a person is upset, the only defense is to respond to their complaint quickly and decisively.

This raises the question: how can I discover these unhappy people and their complaints. Every business needs a way to find them; without it their reputation will suffer.

Even if the business is not online, their customers are online and can spread negative information about the business on Facebook, 0on Twitter, in forums, etc.

As business owners, we need to be alert to these situations. As marketers, we need to be alert to the needs of these at-risk businesses and the marketing opportunity in reputation management for them.

Today, Walt Bayliss is offering to set you up in a reputation management business. Bayliss has developed software that scours the Internet looking for mentions of a business on the major social media platforms and forums. He calls this software, which warns a client about reputation dangers, RepWarn.

This software is ready to go and running on his server; you just need a sales page to sell your services. Bayliss does all the work to deliver the services.

Bayliss and some early buyers of his software have proven a marketer can sell reputation warning services for $97 per month. They already have many customers paying this amount.

You can enter this lucrative niche (a niche that will continue growing as more businesses realize the problems they could face) and offer your own $97 monthly service.

Your clients do all the work to set up their account; the software does all the work of delivering the warning reports. All you need to do is find the clients. (And the OTO will help you find a boatload of clients, by the way.)

Client notifications are sent either via email or, at the client’s option, via an Android or iPhone app, directly to the client’s mobile phone.

During this launch and only during it, you can get reseller rights to RepWarn. After the 10-day launch, Bayliss will be selling only user rights.

Reseller rights allow you to sell as many clients as you want for a flat fee. Whenever you sell a new client, you keep the whole $97 (less Paypal fees, of course.) If you sell only one account, that is enough to pay your own fee.

What’s more, since you get unlimited client accounts, you can also sell lead generation services to clients. Your client enters the text to be watched for. It could be their company name, for reputation management, or it could be “NYC landscaper” if they want those leads.

This is a robust business, one that has recurring income and one that has a service every business needs. And it is automated. What could be better?

And (you probably already thought of this) since you get unlimited client accounts, you can use RepWarn for your own business, too. Find leads and find your reputation problems.

IM NewsWatch has a Bonus for RepWarn that you won’t find anywhere else. We bought up a dozen domain names in the reputation management and lead generation niches. On a “first come, first served” basis, we will give the first 12 people to invest in RepWarn from our link, their choice of one of these domain names.

You can start using your domain name immediately, and, as long as you don’t cancel your RepWarn account, we will transfer it to your GoDaddy account as soon as the domain name 60-day waiting period is over.

Furthermore, if you choose the annual payment option, we will make sure your sales website is set up on your hosting and point your domain name to it in the DNS servers.

This bonus is worth a lot to a busy marketer or to a new marketer who doesn’t have the skill to do the setup and doesn’t have the contacts to hire someone competent to do it.

But we can only give this bonus to 12 savvy marketers who know its value and act quickly to sign up for this new business here: RepWarn.

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