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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Amazon affiliate sites in 49 seconds? Really? (50% off) #ad

George Katsoudas first released Associate Goliath years ago. (We became aware in 2012.) But he seems to never be satisfied. Every year, he renovates and improves it. This weekend, he just released version 5.0, with many improvements. Many call Associate Goliath 5.0 the world’s most powerful and easiest-to-use WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Through the years since version 1, Katsoudas has sold many thousands of copies to Amazon affiliates who wanted more commissions. And a lot of them have invested in each new upgrade when it becomes available. Version 5.0 is packed with even more... [...]

Just 3 more days to get your discount on 1-Click Video Ranker #ad

George Katsoudas has informed us that the price of his new WordPress plugin 1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin will go up at the end of this week, just 3 days from now. This plugin allows you to tap into the 10 Billion daily page views that Google search results get and the preference it gives videos in those results. 1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin creates text-based images and optimizes these images for search engines, and it does it all automatically. Specifically, it adds the proper “ video markup” to your posts or pages that have an embedded video. This additional... [...]

1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin: boost your site ranking #ad

For nearly 6 years,George Katsoudas has been getting traffic from Google Images, a site many marketers have never heard of. But, Google Images receives over 10 Billion page views each day. That traffic is something marketers should pay attention to. If you have been doing much “googling” lately, you have probably noticed that Google often shows images higher on the page than the usual text results. If you have an image that shows up in search results,you can often have the first position in the SERPs (i.e., search engine results pages.) But of course, there’s the problem of creating... [...]

1-Click Video Ranker: your videos can be ranked higher #ad

Software developer, George Katsoudas, has come out with a tool that improves the ranking of videos on your website, his 1-Click Video Ranker. Google ranks pages with embedded videos higher than other pages in many, but not all, cases. The difference is often that the highly ranked sites have metadata that alerts Google to the important properties of the video. When done right, the video isn’t only ranked highly, it also has a thumbnail picture next to the listing, drawing attention to it. The best metadata (i.e., most recognized by all the search engines) was developed by a committee of internet... [...]

Advanced WordPress Lightbox plugin makes others obsolete #ad

Lightbox popups have been shown to get more subscribers to opt-in. Many major sites use them to increase their email list size. George Katsoudas has built a WordPress plugin called 1-Minute List Builder WordPress Plugin, to provide a flexible lightbox capability to any WordPress site. Katsoudas believes you know what works on your site . That’s why he made sure you can design the pop-up with the WYSIWYG editor and make it look the way you want. You can include any text you want in this lightbox window. You can show it in bold, italics, underlined, highlighted and in any color you want. For... [...]

WP Plugin for Amazon Affiliates (with resale rights) #ad

George Katsoudas is a prolific creator of WordPress plugins. His latest is a WP Plugin for Amazon Affiliates. This plugin adds an Amazon custom-search bar on your sites (or your customer’s sites.) It supports 90-day cookies and has several other cool features as well: • You can select the niche within Amazon (e.g., pet supplies) so that your visitors to your pet website are automatically focused on the products they are interested in. • The plugin automatically selects the best of 5 Amazon sites (Amazon.UK,, Amazon.DE, Amazon.CA, Amazon.ES) based on the visitor’s IP... [...]

‘Duplicate content what?’ by George Katsoudas

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George says, “If you have been involved with search engine optimization, you may have also heard about about the duplicate content penalty“. [George Katsoudas’ Blog] […]  [...]

George Katsoudas Launches ‘CB Goliath’ WordPress Plugin

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George Katsoudas has launched ‘CB Goliath’ wordpress plugin. According to Katsoudas, ‘CB Goliath’ is a wordpress plugin that can be used to launch Clickbank affiliate niche blogs.[‘CB Goliath’ WordPress Plugin] […]  [...]

‘How I Overcame fear of Failure’ by George Katsoudas

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George Katsoudas’ latest blog post is titled “How I Overcame fear of Failure”. [George Katsoudas’ Blog] […]  [...]

‘5 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes’ by George Katsoudas

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George Katsoudas’ latest blog post is titled “5 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes”. [Blog] […]  [...]