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Friday, July 3, 2020

Video Vibe Pro software pulls visitors like a magnet #ad

Joshua Zamora‘s latest software tool is called Video Vibe Pro.This software can quickly bring in visitors to your videos. It can do this because it uses a private social syndication strategy that spreads the word about your videos all around the web.If your videos are for people ready to buy, the speed Video Vibe Pro can provide may mean the end of your struggling for traffic.You may never have to spend hours on SEO that takes months to bring in results and can get you slapped.It can also end your wasting money on PPC campaigns that don’t pay off.Zamora says this new software... [...]

Reverse Engineer YouTube’s ranking system #ad

Targeted marketing makes all the difference in success. But it’s often hard to find the right target market.But when you combine precision targeting with the power of video, this one-two punch brings in a lot more responses.That’s nice in theory, you may say, but how can I do it in practice? Well, new software, called Video Marketing Blaster Pro, can take the work out of the targeting process for your YouTube videos so that:1. They get more views.2. They are seen by people who are more receptive and,3. They bring in more response, more sales and opt-ins.Video Marketing Blaster... [...]

Boost Your Business, Attract Leads & Skyrocket Sales With Video SEO #ad

The EpicWin University, founded by Travis Morgan, has just released Freedom Academy, which they say fulfills the promise of the headline.The goal of this new training is showing you how to do Video SEO, ranking videos so they appear on page 1, and doing it in a way that doesn’t require:1. Making your own videos, unless you want to.2. Appearing in your videos, if you make them, unless you want to3. Recording your voice, unless you want to4. Writing any scripts, unless you want to.You are simply ranking videos, and using them to build your business.The comprehensive training of Freedom... [...]

Just 3 more days to get your discount on 1-Click Video Ranker #ad

George Katsoudas has informed us that the price of his new WordPress plugin 1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin will go up at the end of this week, just 3 days from now.This plugin allows you to tap into the 10 Billion daily page views that Google search results get and the preference it gives videos in those results.1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin creates text-based images and optimizes these images for search engines, and it does it all automatically.Specifically, it adds the proper “ video markup” to your posts or pages that have an embedded video. This additional... [...]

1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin: boost your site ranking #ad

For nearly 6 years,George Katsoudas has been getting traffic from Google Images, a site many marketers have never heard of.But, Google Images receives over 10 Billion page views each day. That traffic is something marketers should pay attention to.If you have been doing much “googling” lately, you have probably noticed that Google often shows images higher on the page than the usual text results. If you have an image that shows up in search results,you can often have the first position in the SERPs (i.e., search engine results pages.)But of course, there’s the problem of creating... [...]

Total Video Takeover is Held Over; but time running out #ad

Total Video Takeover is still available, but you had better be quick.With millions upon millions of videos on YouTube competing for attention, getting yours noticed can take some doing. Getting your video to rank in search engines is often hard, but it is critical is you want to build your views and especially if you want to use the video to sell a product.Steve Benn and Simon Greenhalgh have updated their popular Total Video Takeover training to give you the best, tested techniques for getting your videos to rank.They have eliminated the techniques from the first editio9n that are no longer... [...]

Total Video Takeover: how to rank your YouTube videos in 2014 #ad

Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn have just released a new version of Total Video Takeover, revised for 2014.Finally, it is now possible to create videos without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software. If you have been reading IM NewsWatch for the past few months, you have seen a lot of video tools being announced. • Instant Video Templates V2 • PressPlay • VideoMakerFX • Easy Sketch ProBut the key question is whether creating videos and displaying them on YouTube actually means they will be seen.To make sure you get traffic to your videos,... [...]

Simple Video Spin System: old videos can become marketing gold #ad

Rob Tierney has released his Simple Video Spin System, a process to refresh old videos, changing them enough that they qualify as new and fresh.That’s important because people understand more of what you say in videos than they do for you printed text. Making the video fresh again means more people will see it and respond to it.If you have quality videos that are now collecting dust, this is the way to get new life into them. The new versions can target different keywords than the originals so you can bring in a whole new group of searchers.Along with the training, you get 4 short “Call... [...]