AffiliateMatic affiliate softwareGeorge Katsoudas has just released a piece of unusual website development software: AffiliateMatic.

It’s powered by people, like this:
1) Experts create high-quality content.
2) You click a button to post the content on your site.
3) As a result of the enhanced content on your site, the search engines give you more love and you get more traffic and sales.

Katsoudas is launching this new tool This is a 5-day launch: From Friday, June 10, 11:00 EDT – until Wednesday, June 15, 23:59 EDT, so you don’t have long to decide if it will help you.

Watch the demo video on this page to see the software in action: AffiliateMatic.

This is a WordPress plugin that you install like any other plugin. Then it can assist your content creation activity and build your site’s authority.

Build quality content sites with this WP plugin and do it almost instantly. The content is imported in draft mode so that you can modify it if you choose (and tweaking it is probably good; it gives the content your own own “flavor”) or if you prefer, you can publish it as is.

Traditional content creation methods are not easy to implement:
[❌] Writing content yourself takes time and effort.
[❌] Hiring great writers to create your content can cost an arm and a leg.
[❌] If you manage to hire cheap writers, you will likely get poor content.
[❌] “Autoblogging” content by taking it from other sites makes Google downgrade your ranking.
[❌] Spun content is usually low quality and chases your visitors away.
[❌] Junk PLR articles that you may use can easily make your site look bad.
[❌] AI is getting better, but the content it creates still can read like it was written by an average-intelligence 10th grader.

AffiliateMatic can be your solution.

This is software. But it’s not AI; it’s powered by humans, not computers.

Since experts create your content, you can know you are getting high-quality content.

Here is a video that shows you how easy this software is in practice:

Try it. If you are satisfied with its work, you can sign up for a subscription for as long as you like.

AffiliateMatic Bonuses

For a limited time, you are also getting some extra bonuses that will help you build a profitable online business even faster.
Revenue Rolodex: Our “secret stash” of high-paying, high-converting affiliate programs you can start promoting immediately on your AffiliateMatic websites.
Page-1 Protocol: 10 Simple Ways to Get More Google Traffic, Without Building Backlinks.
10K Tactics: 10 Secrets of $10K/Month WordPress Sites.

Check out the ways you can use this new software and get your own copy here: AffiliateMatic.

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