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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Create mobile-first content with these strategies

If you are into content marketing, accommodating the mobile user should be your priority. As we go into the new year of 2018, mobile shows no signs of losing its importance. Whether it is selling products, gathering names for your mailing list or just trying to improve engagement with your content, it’s critical that you tailor the content presentation so that it is attractive and readable on mobile devices. In an article on the Entrepreneur Magazine website, Syed Balkhi points out that “nearly 60% of web activity now occurring from mobile devices, [so] you’re leaving money on the... [...]

Mobile Money Siphon: how to set up your own ad agency for mobile marketing #ad

Kevin Brown and Gaurab Borah have been working in the mobile advertising arena, helping local marketers advertise their products and services on smartphones. They teamed up with Paul Jones to produce comprehensive training on this profitable business, called Mobile Money Siphon. In their first year, Brown and Borah earned six figures from helping stores and restaurants advertise to potential clients via their smartphones. It was their only business, and they got very good at it, so that today they are earning several multiples of their first year’s profits. You can avoid their mistakes and... [...]