If you are into content marketing, accommodating the mobile user should be your priority. As we go into the new year of 2018, mobile shows no signs of losing its importance. Whether it is selling products, gathering names for your mailing list or just trying to improve engagement with your content, it’s critical that you tailor the content presentation so that it is attractive and readable on mobile devices.

In an article on the Entrepreneur Magazine website, Syed Balkhi points out that “nearly 60% of web activity now occurring from mobile devices, [so] you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t optimize your site for a mobile audience.”

That should be a wake-up call for any marketer who has been ignoring mobile. If your site isn’t convenient for mobile users, they will go elsewhere. And you don’t want to miss out on nearly 60% of your sales.

The limited screen space on mobile devices often can hide the content you most want the reader to see. Balkhi argues for putting your important content into “sticky headers” that stay visible wherever the visitor scrolls.

And here’s another thought from Balkhi that will send shivers up a marketer’s spine, “Did you know that nearly 80% of mobile audiences never complete their online purchases? That means you’re leaking conversions if you haven’t invested in converting your mobile users into customers.” He has suggestions for overcoming this cart abandonment.

There are several good mobile-friendly practices Balkhi discusses in his article. Take a look; you’ll discover a lot of things you may have missed in your own site design.

4 Tips for Creating Mobile-First Content That Converts

Entrepreneur Magazine

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