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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

SmartBloks creates unlimited websites + mobile apps without coding #ad

SmartBloks creates unlimited websites & mobile apps without coding or designing – free training at 10:00 EST. Every marketer and every business needs a website and mobile app in 2024. ■ A website and an app to showcase their business. ■ A website and an app with an ecom store to sell products. ■ A website and an app with a blog to spread its message. And ordinary people have made a living on sites like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr by creating websites and mobile apps for others. Want to learn how you too can profit from creating and selling websites and mobile apps to local-businesses... [...]

AI AppMaker builds iOS & Android DFY Apps #ad

a href=”″>AAI AppMaker, created by the team led by Abhi Dwivedi, is in their words, the “World’s Most ‘Powerful App’ That Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Cutting-Edge AI-Based Mobile App Builder for iOS & Android – Build, Customize, and Launch Your Dream Apps Effortlessly!” That’s a mouthful. In essence, they are saying that with AI AppMaker, you can build mobile phone apps that show the content of your own website or a client’s website. Watch a demo in action: AI AppMaker Demo. What this new tool... [...]

ContentReel: Keyword-based automated video creation, 10:00 training #ad

ContentReel solves a problem every modern online marketer has: Creating good quality videos, with meaningful content. Video is everywhere, and marketers who don’t use it are going to miss out on growing their business as much as expected or hoped. In 2023, to get attention and to be a major force in your category, you need to create and publish multiple videos with good content frequently. Without this, your business simply will not have the visibility your competitors do because they are using video. What you need is the ability to quickly and easily create multiple professional and beautiful-looking... [...]

StoryReel creates “stories” videos for social media #ad

StoryReel is being launched today at 11 AM NY time. This new app lets you create powerful, attractive, and click-worthy social media “stories” using the templates that come built in. Why online marketers need StoryReel Stories are increasingly popular on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and other social media sites. You can also place them on your own websites. Ordinary people – non-celebrities – have found this to be a good online business strategy since these stories can promote any product or service. For example, Jakey Boheim, an Australian TikTok creator,... [...]

ReviewReel: product review videos made easy #ad

ReviewReel launches at 11 Eastern. At 10 Eastern, there is a webinar to explain its power and how to use it well. On the ReviewReel Announcement Webinar, the creator, Abhi Dwivedi, will show you how you can easily create stunning product review video for any Amazon product, Shopify product, Udemy Course, Software product, etc: ➤ Without being an expert ➤ Without creating your own content ➤ without speaking a single word ➤ without being on camera ➤ By simply copy-pasting a product name & description ➤ By literally spending less than 10 minutes. On this introductory webinar,... [...]

AppOwls creates professional mobile apps for iOS & Android #ad

Tomorrow, Abhi Dwivedi will release AppOwls, which lets you create an unlimited number of Mobile Apps for iOS and Android without coding or designing. And to kick everything off, Dwivedi is offering free training on how to do it. If you have a smartphone, you probably have multiple apps on it. (We have over 200 on ours, everything from Amazon to YouTube.) That’s the state of affairs today: Every marketer and every business needs a mobile app in 2022, ➤ A mobile app to showcase their business. ➤ A mobile app with an eCommerce store to sell products. ➤ A mobile app with a blog to spread... [...]

Kiire manages and grows your Instagram account using AI #ad

Abhi Dwivedi has just released a brand new Instagram automation app called Kiire. Growing Instagram accounts is a very time-consuming process. You need to: • Create content and Stories to get organic reach, • Answer tons of messages and comments every single day, • and a lot more. Kiire is designed to fully-automate and grow your Instagram accounts by doing all this and more. And, if you have a marketing agency, it can automate your clients’ accounts, too. It does all this by handling all of the hard work that is needed to make sure your Instagram account thrives. Your Direct... [...]

Backup, restore your entire YouTube account and channels easily #ad

If you want to protect your business from computer outages and if you use YouTube to promote your business, then you may want to check into TubeSYNC, software that automatically backs up all your new YouTube videos. Every business needs to make sure its assets are safe. For a YouTube marketer, your videos are some of your most important assets. Backing them up is important because your rankings, your ads revenue, your free traffic and more are at stake. This cloud-based application lets you easily backup everything you upload to YouTube onto your Amazon S3 or Dropbox account you can have 100% control... [...]

TrafficFresh: Crowdsource website content for better engagement #ad

If you are looking for free traffic strategies that build your traffic better than SEO, you may want to check out this new product called TrafficFresh. Many online marketers long for the “good old days” when eager people, just getting to know the internet, clicked on every link they came across. Back then, traffic was easy. Now, unless you pay for it, traffic is getting hard to find. But TrafficFresh changes all that. It’s a desktop application that helps you get plenty of free traffic by leveraging the major players in your niches, using its ‘Sky Scraper’ strategy,... [...]

AdExpress: Make online ads with great visuals #ad

Just launching today, AdExpress is a web-based app, by Jay Venka and Abhi Dwivedi, that will let you design world-class, high-converting graphics for ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Mobile Apps and a lot more. This software includes customizable templates (50+) that you can use to create your own ads that look professional, attractive and inviting. Besides the templates, AdExpress includes hundreds of buttons, icons, badges, backgrounds and more (how about 20 typestyles?) that you can include in your ads. Do you: • Run Facebook ads? • Own a Shopify store? • Do eCommerce, in... [...]

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