If you want to protect your business from computer outages and if you use YouTube to promote your business, then you may want to check into TubeSYNC, software that automatically backs up all your new YouTube videos.

Every business needs to make sure its assets are safe. For a YouTube marketer, your videos are some of your most important assets. Backing them up is important because your rankings, your ads revenue, your free traffic and more are at stake.

This cloud-based application lets you easily backup everything you upload to YouTube onto your Amazon S3 or Dropbox account you can have 100% control over your content.

It only takes one false complaint about your videos for a video or even your whole channel to be blocked. Just imagine the problems is would cause if you find all your videos, all the meta data, all the headlines, the descriptions, the tags, and the captions are destroyed. If could ruin your business.

Now, with TubeSYNC, software that automatically backs up all your new YouTube videos, even if YouTube blocks your account through some misunderstanding, since you have a backup, you can restore your videos to a new account.

TubeSYNC is 100% compliant with YouTube Terms of Service, unlike many backup solutions.

This is a “set and forget” solution to all your video backup problems. It couldn’t be easier.

Watch the demo as see how easy this new software actually is: TubeSYMC. If you use YouTube, this is worth considering.

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