StoryReel is being launched today at 11 AM NY time.

This new app lets you create powerful, attractive, and click-worthy social media “stories” using the templates that come built in.

Why online marketers need StoryReel

Stories are increasingly popular on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and other social media sites. You can also place them on your own websites.

Ordinary people – non-celebrities – have found this to be a good online business strategy since these stories can promote any product or service.

For example, Jakey Boheim, an Australian TikTok creator, has earned as much as $34,000 during live streams with TikTok. (Your ‘mileage’ may vary.)

Dwivedi reports that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ordinary people just like you who are making profitable stories online.

Stories are the most critical social media elements in 2022. They are the fastest way to grow your audience right now. You simply must not ignore Stories and Shorts anymore.

Create stunning-looking “Stories” and “Shorts” style vertical videos using 100s of templates for marketing & video ad campaigns, designed to get you more clicks, engagement, buyers’ traffic, and sales using StoryReel.

Today, at 10 AM EDT (right before the 11 AM launch), Abhi Dwivedi, the founder and CEO of ReelApps, the creators of several video apps, is doing StoryReel live training to show you how you can to build your own online business.

How to use StoryReel

Use this new tool to get traffic-pulling web and video stories In 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Select Your Stories Template of Choice

Over 100 video templates in different niches are included in StoryReel. Select the one you like quickly or, if you prefer, start with a blank canvas.

Step #2: Add Polish and Pizazz

Quickly edit text with 100 different fonts and add music, images, and videos from the included 1,000,000+ media clip library. Then, calls to action to make your video story irresistible.

Step #3: Publish, Get Traffic, and Get Results

Export it to one of the available platforms quickly or download and share and start getting tons of free traffic, leads, and sales.

StoryReel is an easy-to-use cloud-based app that lets you:
✓ tell your story,
✓ share your message,
✓ get more attention, and
✓ sell products and services
using this new content format that is becoming popular on all major social media sites.

Your stories can bring in traffic from both Google and Social Media.

StoryReel Software

StoryReel Launch Celebration

Make sure you join Abhi Dwivedi on this live demo of StoryReel.

In this workshop, you will discover how you can easily create 100s of web & video stories
★ without being an expert
★ without creating your content
★ by simply recording your voice or copy-pasting text
★ by literally spending less than 10 minutes.

To celebrate the launch, during the training workshop, he is giving away:
➤ 5 free Copies of StoryReel
➤ $500 Bucks in VineaSX Marketplace Credits
➤ Free access to his video bonus package

Be there at 10:00 am EDT on the Live Training: StoryReel.

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