solves a problem every modern online marketer has: Creating good quality videos, with meaningful content. Video is everywhere, and marketers who don’t use it are going to miss out on growing their business as much as expected or hoped.

In 2023, to get attention and to be a major force in your category, you need to create and publish multiple videos with good content frequently.

Without this, your business simply will not have the visibility your competitors do because they are using video.

What you need is the ability to quickly and easily create multiple professional and beautiful-looking videos with meaningful content, without spending hours writing scripts, editing, recording, or spending a fortune outsourcing.

No one has time to write 10 video scripts every day and then create video storyboards, add animation (even if it’s point-n-click), and design all the other video elements. That’s why we all need automation.

Did you know that 73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form content-rich videos to learn about a product or service?

Yes, that’s a fact.

The short-form content-rich video has the highest ROI of all types of sales videos. It also is the best format for lead generation and engagement.

If you want to create short-form content-rich videos that will help you achieve your marketing goals, check out ContentReel.

At 11 AM EST, it goes live.

It’s from Abhi Dwivedi and his team at ReelApps. It’s the latest in their suite of video creation apps.

In a training webinar, right before the store opens to sell this apps, Dwivedi will conduct a training webinar on their website where he is going to be sharing with you how you can quickly and easily create profitable content videos using ContentReel:
✔ without tech skills
✔ without being a video editor or designer
✔ using just a keyword
✔ for yourself or your clients
✔ and sell them for a good income.

ContentReel is a cloud-based video creator app that lets you create hundreds of traffic-pulling videos in any niche you choose with just one click and then distribute them around the Internet.

All you need is to enter a keyword and the AI will automatically find and pick trending topics around the keyword and use them to create your videos.

It will turn topics into video titles and write engaging content-rich scripts based on the titles and turn the script into an animated fully customizable videos, all within minutes.

With ContentReel, you can create 39 different style of videos, for all kinds of social media platforms, formats and sizes you can think of.

Make sure you join Dwivedi on this live demo of ContentReel and stand a chance to win the drawing for:
👉 5 free copies of ContentReel Video Creator
👉 $150 Bucks in VineaSX Marketplace Credits

In this training webinar, Dwivedi is going to show you how you can easily create 100s of videos using just a keyword:
• without being an expert
• without creating your content
• by simply entering a keyword, and
• by literally spending less than 10 minutes.

If you see this in time, join the free training here (and there will be recorded training afterward): ContentReel“>ContentReel.

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