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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Novel 5 step Facebook marketing strategy with mobile apps #ad

No doubt, some Facebook marketers are doing well, while others are going broke. The secret to success is: 1. Attract targeted traffic to your fan page and 2. Properly monetize your fan page so people who arrive take action. It has been said that apps are the future of monetizing fan pages. When you consider that over 60% of Facebook traffic is now mobile, the use of apps makes sense. Now, there is a 5 step Facebook strategy that can help you pocket a tidy sum daily. You can discover the exact strategy and see a walk-through here: 5 step Facebook marketing strategy The key to this strategy is being... [...]

What makes marketing campaigns go viral? #ad

Humor helps. So do contests, coupons and giveaways; events that reward the visitor to your site with financial benefits. People become engaged and tell their friends when they find out about bargains, deals and free stuff. Marketers that use time-limited discount coupons often get tremendous improvement in traffic and sales. Giveaways don’t directly bring in cash, but they can be paired with an upsell, and that can be quite profitable. But there is also a problem for marketers who want to use these proven viral techniques. Today, people are on the go. They need to find deals from their... [...]