An effective copy is important for persuading your prospects and customers to take an action. You need to connect with their emotions for bringing out desired results.

Copyblogger columnist Stefanie Flaxman has shared seven strategies to help writers and publishers improve thier copywriting.

Flaxman says, “Your aim is to demonstrate your dedication to clear communication, whether you’re speaking, composing an email, or educating with content.

1. Provide value upfront

Providing value as quickly as possible helps you out in a number of situations. When you write articles, if you wait until the last paragraph to give a smart takeaway, you’re asking a lot of your readers.

Do you like sticking around when you’re not sure if you’ll receive the payoff you’re looking for?

A thoughtful writer uses his introduction to assure you his article is the right fit for your needs and then continues to add intriguing elements to guide you through the text.

Providing value upfront also includes considering the needs of any other people you may be working with. If you’re not done with your project yet, but you’ve completed a task someone else is waiting for you to finish, pass along that part of the project to them early”.

7 Ways for Thoughtful Writers to Wow Their Editors, Clients, and Bosses

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