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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Postley: Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Software #ad

Postley is a 20-in-1 App to get more traffic from your social posts and Ads. Together, Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing platforms all marketers should test. This new software, being released today by Jai Sharma can boost your success with both platforms. Postley offers these sophisticated capabilities: ✔️ Powerful Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword. ✔️ Power to Find a Hyper-Targeted hidden FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager ✔️ 500+ D.F.Y. Templates that are Proven to Convert ✔️ Smart Ads Creator ✔️ Social... [...]

InflencersHub: how to find influencers to promote your offers #ad

You have heard of “influencers”, people whose endorsement makes a product’s sales jump. The most familiar influencer, we suppose, is Oprah Winfrey. Whenever she likes a product and tells her fans about it, sales are assured. But there are other, lesser known influencers, who can also make a difference a product’s success. Many bloggers on WordPress and on YouTube – video blogs, of course –, and other social media sites have developed long lists of followers. When they mention a product, their followers pay attention. These new social media influencers often promote... [...]

Use coupon lastchance5off for 5% off Shot Messenger (April 14, only) #ad

Earlier this week, Jai Sharma released Shot Messenger, a major tool in your Facebook toolbox. Sharma makes a bold statement about his new software: You can “broadcast personal messages to the entire connected audience of your Fb pages right inside their Fb messenger to engage with them personally, in 1 click with 100% open rate guaranteed.” If anything, that appears to be an understatement. His new tool takes full advantage of the new Facebook Messenger to give you extraordinary capabilities With Shot Messenger, you can: ■ Broadcast Fb Messages to Thousands of Subscribers Instantly ■... [...]

CPA Bounty Hunter: Complete CPA Guide, from beginner to journeyman #ad

If you have always wanted to get into CPA Marketing, there’s no better time than now, and the new comprehensive guide called CPA Bounty Hunter will show you how. Jai Sharma created this detailed guide based on his own successful CPA marketing. He has made it detailed enough that anyone (yes, anyone) with a computer can follow it. Starting from “what is CPA?”, to “How do I get registered to promote CPA offers? to all the things you need to know to make your CPA campaigns profitable. He includes things like: • Access Strategies to help you get approved in any CPA Network, •... [...]