Any marketer, whether online or local, needs to do 3 things:
1. Get traffic to their online or brick-and-mortar store.
2. Sell a product or service
3. Deliver the product or service

That process is universal; every marketer must do it. Traffic is especially hard, though, for marketers new to the online space, a new online marketer or a local marketer that knows online is the future and has a new website.

In these cases, getting traffic is crucial, but they probably don’t know how. Facebook could be a solution, if only they were able to use Facebook effectively.

That’s why SociCake was created. It contains 12 tools that help you use Facebook to build your business, or any business (for example, if you are a consultant for local businesses).

That’s right. The license you are getting allows you to use these tools to sell your marketing services to other businesses, as well as using them in your own marketing.

With the 12 tools you are getting, you can get traffic from Facebook:
► Through viral posts
► Traffic through Messenger bots
► Traffic through viral images
► Traffic through Likes
► Traffic through fan page invites
► Traffic through memes
► and lots more.

One of the tools will even let you syndicate the Facebook posts SociCake creates to other social media platforms.

This is a bundle of tools that can vastly improve the results of a marketing campaign.

Check it out here: SociCake.
Soci Cake traffic software

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