A well-developed SEO strategy focuses on multiple dimensions of achieving to achieve rankings in search engines. You need to consider different ways to influence search engines and secure higher placement.

Topic clusters, featured snippets, image SEO etc. are some of the techniques that help you to make most from your SEO efforts.

Rusty Brick has published a video interview with HubSpot’s Aja Frost. In this video Frost talks about the importance of Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips.

Brick says, “Aja Frost (@ajavuu) is the senior SEO strategies at Hubspot, she joined the SEO team there 1.5 years ago but has been with HubSpot for over three years. Aja comes from a freelance writing background before she did SEO.

Topic Cluster Framework – also known as content silos. You create content universes, with pillar pages that have higher level content on the topic and then you drill deeper into that topic into the subtopics with blog posts. She describes a lot of how SEOs are now building content for sites, and she did this well before it was popular to do so”.

Watch Brick and Frost’s video to learn about the above elements.

Aja Frost from HubSpot On Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips

Rusty Brick’s Website

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