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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Archive for the 'SEO Content Audit' Category

50 Point SEO Audit: SEO Course Suitable for Beginners #ad

How are you doing with SEO? There’s a new 50 Point SEO Audit that will guide you through a systematic audit of your site to verify that your SEO is up-to-date or point out where you can make improvements. 50 Point SEO Audit is a new set of 48 videos in 15 complete modules showing you how to find out why your site isn’t ranking on Google and what you can do to fix it. It’s a proven SEO course with a high rating, with lots of positive, real testimonials. 50 Point SEO Audit shows you how to find and fix ranking problems on Google for any of your sites using simple SEO techniques. Even... [...]

CoreSEO: Gain Google’s trust to improve, protect your ranking #ad

Google is important to online marketers. There’s no question about it. If your site and the marketing you do for your site bug Google, your sales will suffer. If you play according to Google’s rules, your sales will improve. What does it take to get Google to like your site? More than it did 10 years ago. For one thing, branding and user experience are becoming increasingly important for Google. If your site isn’t set up only as a store for goods people are already seeking, you have to offer more than just good content and technical infrastructure that is easy for Google to crawl. One... [...]

Conduct your next SEO content audit with these tips

Regular SEO content audits help you keep your content fit to the web and what the web users want. It enhances the quality of your content and tells you about the kind of content you should produce more. Search Engine Land columnist Thomas Stern has shared an artical to guide marketers conduct effective SEO content audits. Stern says, “Google has thrown a ton of changes at marketers over the last few years. From major algorithm updates to voice search, all of these changes follow Google’s ultimate goal of creating the best search experience for its users. The upshot is... [...]