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Monday, December 11, 2023

Remarkable New YouTube Marketing Breakthrough Software #ad

Online marketing expert Cyril Gupta is releasing new YouTube marketing software today. This software is novel; you haven’t seen anything like it before. It has been well thought out; the automation it provides is seamless. It could possibly be a game changer for you if you use YouTube in your marketing. Creating niche-related playlists that you publish to YouTube can raise the visibility of your own videos if you do it right. Gupta’s new YouTube Playlist Manager is a brand new application that helps you do playlist marketing on YouTube and do it easily. It gets you fresh traffic from... [...]

Best livecasting software for Facebook and YouTube #ad

Facebook and YouTube can bring you organic traffic with live-streamed videos. Cyril Gupta has just released new software, LiveCaster Elite, that lets you use any pre-recorded video and livecast it on Facebook or YouTube. LiveCaster Elite has a number of features that will make your life easier: ■ It supports scheduling of your livecasts. Cast your videos at any time you choose. Now, you can be doing another task while the video is playing. ■ It lets you cast live videos to Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Facebook personal feeds and YouTube channels. ■ It does your livecast directly from... [...]