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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Keyword Research' Category

‘A Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Prioritizing the Best Keywords’ – MOZ

MOZ team says, “Keyword research, when done right, is a fairly complex process. Uncovering new keywords and appraising their value should involve a robust toolkit, a multitude of different sources, and a great deal of thoughtfulness. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares a strategic and straightforward 4-step process (including a passel of tools to check out) for discovering and prioritizing the best keywords for your SEO campaigns”. A Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Prioritizing the Best Keywords MOZ  [...]

TrafficFresh: Crowdsource website content for better engagement #ad

If you are looking for free traffic strategies that build your traffic better than SEO, you may want to check out this new product called TrafficFresh. Many online marketers long for the “good old days” when eager people, just getting to know the internet, clicked on every link they came across. Back then, traffic was easy. Now, unless you pay for it, traffic is getting hard to find. But TrafficFresh changes all that. It’s a desktop application that helps you get plenty of free traffic by leveraging the major players in your niches, using its ‘Sky Scraper’ strategy,... [...]

Peter Garety’s P1 Targeting App; Enterprise version wins #ad

As we reported yesterday, Peter Garety released his new keyword research tool, his P1 Targeting App. He made 3 licenses available: 1. The Get it Started license, which lets you do 5 searches per day with results capped at 3000 keywords 2. The Growth license, which lets you do 10 searches per day with results capped at 5000 keywords 3. The Enterprise license, which allow unlimited searches and unlimited results So far, the Enterprise version has sold about 10 times as many as the other two versions combined. People are looking for a “no limits” approach. And it’s only a few dollars... [...]

Keyword discovery 3.0: get 10,000 keywords with just 2 clicks #ad

At High Noon, EDT, Peter Garety releases P1 Targeting App, his latest tool for online marketers. This is an exceptional, cloud based, SaaS (software as a service) keyword research and mapping application. This new online service helps online marketers to find lucrative, easy-to-rank keywords in virtually any niche. Garety says that with this new tool, you can find profitable keywords with 2 clicks, keywords that will deliver traffic from people who are proven buyers. If you feed a “seed” keyword into P1 Targeting App, it will find thousands of related keywords with just a couple of... [...]

‘How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal’ – MOZ Blog

MOZ team says, “With all the advancements search engines have made, a lot of folks in the SEO world are circling back to a fundamental question: If I’m targeting a particular keyword, where and how often should I use that in the front and back ends of my page? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand puts his recommendations into the context of today’s SERPs“. How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal MOZ Blog  [...]

Niche Genetics Expert: in-depth niche insights #ad

The better you understand the niche you are marketing in, the better you will be able to sell effectively in that niche. That’s the principle behind Niche Genetics Expert, just released by Abbas Ravji This new web-based software that you access with your browser helps you get an in-depth understanding of your niche, showing you: • A complete, in-depth analysis of Google’s ranking algorithm as it applies to your niche • Complete Keyword & Niche Research, so you can focus on the high-traffic/low competition keywords that will deliver you the most traffic and the best-targeted... [...]

‘Pinpoint vs. Floodlight Content and Keyword Research Strategies’ – MOZ Blog

MOZ team says, “When we’re doing keyword research and targeting, we have a choice to make: Are we targeting broader keywords with multiple potential searcher intents, or are we targeting very narrow keywords where it’s pretty clear what the searchers were looking for? Those different approaches, it turns out, apply to content creation and site architecture, as well. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand illustrates that connection”. Pinpoint vs. Floodlight Content and Keyword Research Strategies – Whiteboard Friday MOZ Blog  [...]

‘Three SEO Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Website’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Brad Shorr says, “If SEO had existed in Shakespeare’s day, the playwright might have written, “The fault, dear colleague, is not in our stars, but in our website’s poor optimization.” A poorly optimized website cannot serve its purpose. Many factors go into on-site optimization, but three items stand out as being not only crucial but also frequently shortchanged or completely overlooked. Let’s examine each and discuss how you can give them their due and dramatically boost your SEO performance. 1. Keyword Pitfalls Keywords should be made of sterner stuff. Keyword... [...]

Niche Genetics will find free traffic for you faster than ever #ad

Niche Genetics is a complete research, analysis and reverse-engineering tool that will show you every modification needed to get your site ranked for the most useful keywords for your niche. With its help, you can outsmart the other marketers in your niche and rise in the search results, reaping the free traffic that comes from your elevated position. All you have to do is specify one main keyword. Niche Genetics will take it from there and do the rest of the analysis for you. And it works fast. The analysis only takes minutes, not hours. Niche Genetics is a web-based application that cuts your... [...]

Country boy from Texas finds ultimate keyword success #ad

Brian Howard found that ranking for keywords wasn’t necessarily as profitable as the guides and gurus lead you to believe. Even though he ranked very high, he wasn’t getting the traffic that people had taught should be expected. He set out to determine what was wrong and what could be done to correct it. The result is Ultimate Keyword Conversions. He found that by using Google Webmaster Tools in new ways, he could uncover a lot of keyword information that most marketers never know about. You see, a lot of the data Google provides can be misleading or distracting. You need to get below... [...]