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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Kindle Marketing ’ Category

KD Spy: Find out what is worth your time & effort #ad

The secret to simple selling is itself a simple secret: sell what people want to buy. How do you find out what people want to buy? Well, one answer is to ask them? Not a bad answer, but it has two problems: 1. People may not know what they want. 2. People may not be […]

Pixel Studio FX 3.0: 5,326 eCover templates; fire your designer #ad

If you want to create ebook covers that dazzle potential customers, take a look at Pixel Studio FX 3.0. Clearly, its creator, Richard Madison knows how to create good covers. When you see them here, you will agree. No surprise, though; he has been doing it for years with each version of his software more […]

Are you Ready to Learn the Secret to Successful Publishing? #ad

Amy Harrop says that becoming a successful publisher is within the reach of anyone. Best of all, you can be a successful publisher with little or no original content. Harrop has been experimenting with something called Companion Publishing, that allows you to quickly and easily create content that needs little-to-no-writing and that leverages hot trends, […]

How Amy Harrop Creates Bestselling Books Fast #ad

Well-known author and coach Amy Harrop has spent her career creating books for online platforms like Kindle. In her new training, Companion Publishing Profits, she is sharing her strategy for creating books efficiently and with minimum effort. One of the big problems with profitable publishing is creating an audience. interested in your books. Ideally, you […]

New Udemy Course for Kindle Authors (Free for limited time)

If you are a Kindle author, or if you want to be, then check out the free course on Udemy, called Kindle Mastery – 10 Hacks For A Successful Kindle Business. The author is an experienced teacher, and in this course, there are 17 lectures on marketing on the Kindle platform. Sign up while the […]

Want to write a Kindle best-seller? #ad

Ariel Sanders is offering a free e-book called Kindle Samurai, to help beginning book writers plan their Kindle work for the best sales results. In this book, Sanders explores some critical topics for successful authorship. He want to show you how to rank on Kindle, with the lest effort and expense. It goes without saying […]

Kindle books need great covers for great sales #ad

This is our last opportunity to tell you about Lucas Adamski‘s new collection of covers that you can customize with your book title, author name and, if you like, with a new graphic. (No Photoshop needed; Powerpoint or Open Office is enough.) Adamski is a professional graphic designed. He has many design projects to his […]

How to Boost Your Book Sales on Kindle #ad

Lucas Adamski has just released a new package of cover designs for Kindle books, Ecover Maniac V2. A compelling cover design helps some authors make thousands of book sales. Poor cover designs almost doom an author to failure. Because people really do judge a book by its cover. That has been proven, over and over […]

Ecover Maniac V2: 80 cover designs for your Kindle books #ad

Well-known graphic designer, Lucas Adamski, has released his latest professional designs, Ecover Maniac V2, an enhancement of his original Ecover Maniac. These 80 attractive covers (40 for fiction and 40 for non-fiction) can make your e-book more appealing and that can increase your sales (and your following, people looking for your next book.) Use the […]

Writing Kindle Fiction Made Easy #ad

Best-selling Kindle author Jenn Dize has put together a guide for beginners on Writing Kindle Fiction Made Easy. Amazon sells many thousands of Kindle books every day, and a lot of them are fiction. This is a big market for all kinds of fiction, and any author can find a niche that will be a […]