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Friday, February 23, 2024

KDSpy: Your tool for successful Kindle sales #ad

KDSpy is a power tool for authors. It was designed for Kindle authors, but any author can benefit. If you want to publish a book for the pleasure of seeing your name in print, you won’t need this tool. But, if you want to earn passive income by selling books, particularly on Kindle, this tool can be a life-saver. What books should you publish for income? The answer is obvious: books that people want to buy. How do you find out what books people want to buy? Spy on the current Kindle sales data to see what is selling. That’s whatKDSpy does for you, far better than you could do it for... [...]

KD Spy: Find out what is worth your time & effort #ad

The secret to simple selling is itself a simple secret: sell what people want to buy. How do you find out what people want to buy? Well, one answer is to ask them? Not a bad answer, but it has two problems: 1. People may not know what they want. 2. People may not be willing to tell you. There is another alternative: get the facts, rather than the opinions, since even the first-hand opinions are questionable. Find out what people are actually buying. What lots of people are buying, many other people will also want to buy. These other people are your market. A specific application of this principle... [...]

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