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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Printable Sales Made Easy: your guide to selling printables online #ad

Amy Harrop has just released Printable Sales Made Easy. This new training package with done-for-you content reveals how to make consistent printable sales. The easy-to-use DFY templates, resources, and tutorials provide the sales boost you need to be a successful printables seller. This comprehensive package includes: ➤ A Jam-Packed Training Guide – Over 60 pages that reveal all you need to create set-and-forget best-sellers in the printables market. ➤ 2023 DFY Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet – Your entire year’s social media content planned out for you in an easy-to-use... [...]

Build your online business from free public domain content #ad

Much of the information available today is copyrighted by the owner, which makes it illegal for anyone to sell it without the permission of the copyright owner. This applies to books, artwork, music, videos, etc. But there is a class of information content called “public domain.” It is owned, not by an individual or a corporation, but by “the public”. That is, anyone can use this content without asking permission from anyone. You can legally use it yourself (e.g., on a website) or sell (and profit from selling) any of this public domain content. There are a number of ways... [...]

Automagic Content: Quickly create your site, blog, e-book #ad

We write a lot of content at IM NewsWatch, over 30 articles per day. It isn’t easy. Even this ad, as short as it is, will take close to an hour to get right: ► We research ► We review what we find ► We write a description of the product offered. ► We polish our wording, trying to get it just right (i.e., make it both clear and persuasive.) In a sense, we don’t do this work by ourselves; those who have gone before help us. We often use phrases (or even sentences) from the original ad or the article we are curating. We don’t “reinvent the wheel.” That’s... [...]

Are you Ready to Learn the Secret to Successful Publishing? #ad

Amy Harrop says that becoming a successful publisher is within the reach of anyone. Best of all, you can be a successful publisher with little or no original content. Harrop has been experimenting with something called Companion Publishing, that allows you to quickly and easily create content that needs little-to-no-writing and that leverages hot trends, your own content, and even other people’s books and content. With companion publishing, the reader is doing the majority of the writing for you! Her new training, called Companion Publishing Profits explains in detail how to build a business... [...]