Amy Harrop says that becoming a successful publisher is within the reach of anyone.

Best of all, you can be a successful publisher with little or no original content.

Harrop has been experimenting with something called Companion Publishing, that allows you to quickly and easily create content that needs little-to-no-writing and that leverages hot trends, your own content, and even other people’s books and content. With companion publishing, the reader is doing the majority of the writing for you!

Her new training, called Companion Publishing Profits explains in detail how to build a business in companion publishing, which is the idea of publishing a book that helps the buyers of another book get the most out of that other book.

You can surely see how this could be a lucrative business. You look at what is selling big and make a companion book fo that. Since you are creating your book for a niche that already has a demonstrated interest, your product is being marketed to people proven to have an interest.

You are also exploiting another trend. Harrop reports, “Low-content published products are among the fastest-growing segments of Amazon’s physical book/content sales.” Translation: people are buying more and more companion books, in general.

People are looking for companion content, such as:
• Workbooks
• Planners
• Journals.

Following Harrop’s process, you get to ride both of these waves (trending books and trending companions) at the same time, for double the leverage.

Once you have built your companion book, offer it for sale on Amazon, Lulu and other online book sites.

In this training you are getting a 75 page step-by-step guide and 5 “over the shoulder” videos as Harrop walks you through the process.

Here is a way of creating a successful publishing business in record time. Let Harrop explain how it’s done here: Companion Publishing Profits.

We should warn you that she says this low introductory price will only be available for a short time. Get all the details here: Companion Publishing Profits.

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