You may have heard of low-content books. They are books that you write very few words for. At first, that may seem strange, but every year, people buy hundreds of thousands of them.

Examples include calendars, diaries, and journals. Other examples include coloring books and puzzle books.

Considering how many kinds of low-content books there are and how they become woven into people’s lives, it’s no wonder that they are popular. is a platform where authors sell their low-content books, just as they do content-rich books. In particular, Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly known as CreateSpace)at Amazon is able to create both Kindle e-books and physical books for you.

How, though, can you easily create these low-content books? Power Publishing Bundle, released by Ken Bluttman gives you a cllection of software tools to create low content books of several kinds that you can offer for sale wherever you like, including Amazon.

You are getting 5 SaaS applications that will create as many low-content books as you like:
➤ Puzzle Book Mastery (creates Sudoku and word finder puzzles)
➤ Kidz Puzzle Books (simpler puzzles that those created by Puzzle Book Mastery)
➤ Activity Book Mastery: Activity books are a natural extension of puzzle books.
➤ Coloring Book Mastery: Adult coloring books, no art skills or tech skills needed
➤ Low-Content Creation Machine: makes instant low content books for you to publish as your own.

If this is a bigger bundle than you need he also offers two smaller bundles. See them all here: Power Publishing Bundle.

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