KDSpy is a power tool for authors. It was designed for Kindle authors, but any author can benefit.

If you want to publish a book for the pleasure of seeing your name in print, you won’t need this tool. But, if you want to earn passive income by selling books, particularly on Kindle, this tool can be a life-saver.

What books should you publish for income? The answer is obvious: books that people want to buy.

How do you find out what books people want to buy? Spy on the current Kindle sales data to see what is selling. That’s whatKDSpy does for you, far better than you could do it for yourself.

In moments, it gives you all the data you need for making decisions about what books to write or to hire a ghostwriter to write. Specifically, it gives you:
➤ Revenue metrics for relevant published books,
➤ Keywords used to promote these books,
➤ In-depth competitor data,
➤ Book tracking,
➤ and more, all from a Google Chrome plug-in.

This is a rare tool; it is old (well, let’s say well-seasoned) but new. It was first released in mid-2014, but it has been upgraded many times since then. It’s currently in version 5, but even that was upgraded just last week. This is current, cutting edge technology.

An author has a simple task to start with: choose a topic to write about. To sell the most copies of your new book, you want a topic that many people are searching for, but, if possible, doesn’t already have a lot of competing books. Although this data is hard to pull together manually, these topics could become your key to a successful book. Fortunately, KDSpy supplies you this data.

Hear how two successful Kindle authors (who are twin brothers) use KDSpy to select their next book topic in this short video:

When you publish a Kindle book, Amazon handles the whole business for you:
✅ The Sales page
✅ The promotion
✅ Collecting the money
✅ Delivering the product.

That’s a real time-saver and frustration saver for you because:
✅ No website needed,
✅ No merchant account needed,
✅ No autoresponder needed

Think of the cost you save, besides the time you save.

But you have to go beyond cost reduction. You need to choose the right books to create and sell.

• Lets you reverse engineer the best-sellers in any niche to learn their secrets.
• Shows you how many copies the top selling books sell in a day so you know how many you need to sell in a day to be at the top.
• Shows you the popular trends in any geo market, reveals the bestselling niches to go after
• Tells you the profit potential of any keyword and gives you lots of additional long-tail keyword suggestions
• Tracks the sales rank and estimated revenue of any Kindle book

When you have all this powerful information, you are no longer shooting in the dark when you publish a Kindle book. You have clear guidance on where to focus your efforts.

We have prepared a cheat-sheet of other tools for Kindle authors, all of them free, that will help you build your Kindle business. We are giving it as a bonus to smart authors who invest here:KDSpy.

If you want to be a successful author, try out this “seasoned but new” tool here: KDSpy.

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