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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Services' Category

Can Gram Poster Elite help you conquer Instagram? #ad

Instagram is made for marketers who have visual stories to tell about their products. Marketers are making six and seven figures in virtually any niche by taking action early to show their product on Instagram.A year ago, Thomas Witek invented Gram Poster, a major step forward in usability of Instagram for marketers.Last winter, he announced Gram Poster 2, a major improvement over the original version.Today, he is announcing Gram Poster Elite.This cloud-based software is a solution for finding content that you can re-post and then posting your content on a schedule you determine, doing it all... [...]

Web CopyCat, for people struggling for online income #ad

Sometimes beginners have trouble getting a start in earning an income online. It’s often hard to know what to do and, even if you know “what”, “how to do it” is even harder.Devon Brown has created Web CopyCat for the people who would like a little help (actually, it give a lot of help) getting over the hurdles of getting started online.Brown says that his new system makes getting started online simple because:• His team does away with all the obstacles.• His team does all the website set-up for you.• His team sends all the traffic to your websites for you.•... [...]

Local Marketing Consultant’s Credibility Builder: Your own book #ad

Authors of published books are perceived as experts in their field, credible and a person of substance. Now you can have the credibility-boosting power of a book without having to write it yourself.Mike Cooch has created a book for you to re-brand, add your name and business details to, and make available to your clients and potential clients so they will get to know you as someone they can turn to for expert advice.In his R4 Shook offer, he is essentially being your ghost-writer. He gets no credit for the book; you take all the credit.This book is both professionally written and professionally... [...]

‘Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Appears for First Time’ – ‘Mashable’

Kurt Wagner says, “It looks like shopping within your Twitter Timeline isn’t far off.A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site called Fancy.The tweets were first discovered by tech-news site Recode, and the while the buttons appear in both the Timeline and expanded-tweet view, nothing happens when you actually click on the button.The button only appears on mobile, and doesn’t appear on Twitter’s web version”.Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Appears for First TimeMashable [...]

‘Twitter to Acquire TapCommerce, a Mobile Ad Retargeting Service’ – ‘Mashable’

Seth Fiegerman says, “Twitter has agreed to buy TapCommerce, an ad tech firm, the two companies announced late Monday. Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, but Re/code reports it may have been around $100 million.TapCommerce describes itself as a mobile ad retargeting and app reengagement service. To put that more simply, TapCommerce sells ads designed to prompt users to open up apps they’ve already downloaded. The company was founded in 2012 and raised more than $10 million in funding”.Twitter to Acquire TapCommerce, a Mobile Ad Retargeting ServiceMashable [...]

‘A Gift to Google+ on Its Third Birthday: No More Facebook Comparisons’ – ‘Mashable’

Kurt Wagner says, “Google+ turns 3 years old on Saturday, a birthday the service is celebrating with little fanfare (if at all).Google didn’t make any major announcements or release any special features to commemorate the moment. Google+ didn’t even rate an appearance at Google I/O, the company’s biggest tech conference, which wrapped up on Thursday.Google, for whatever reason, seems to be content to let the event pass. The birthday is just happening: another year older, another year wiser. That’s why I believe Google+ deserves a special gift from the rest of us:... [...]

‘Facebook Engagement Among Brands Is Actually Up, Report Says’ – ‘Mashable’

Todd Wasserman says, “A new report upends the conventional wisdom that Facebook‘s algorithm tweaks have left brands out of the News Feed, a phenomenon that Facebook itself has acknowledged.Socialbakers looked at 3 million of the largest brand Pages and found interactions have jumped 30% since January. The researcher also found that media Pages were experiencing an even greater boost”.Facebook Engagement Among Brands Is Actually Up, Report SaysMashable [...]

‘YouTube Announces Translator, Tip Jar and Other Goodies at Vidcon’ – ‘Mashable’

Josh dickey says, “YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced a series of new features for both fans and creators at Vidcon on Thursday, including a massive crowd-sourced translation effort, a virtual tip-jar that supports contributions up to $500, direct connections between videos and crowdfunding sites and a mobile app from which YouTubers can manage and monitor their videos.Other new goodies for YouTube creators: An option for up to 60 frames per second (which will make video-game vloggers very happy), a free music and sound-effects library and a system for tagging contributors.Speaking before... [...]

‘Google I/O 2014: Everything You Need to Know’ – ‘Mashable’

Karissa Bell says, “Google had no shortage of announcements during its almost-three-hour developers conference on Wednesday. Some announcements, like Android Wear and Android L, were expected; others took us by surprise and played out differently than anticipated.Just in case you didn’t watch the full conference, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest highlights, below.Android LGoogle appears to be ditching its dessert theme with the latest version of Android, simply called Android L, which will roll out to users in the fall. (A preview version is available to developers now.)”.Google... [...]

‘The Internet of Things: Everything You Need to Know In 2 Minutes’ – ‘Mashable’

Samantha Murphy Kelly says, “You can’t go a few days without hearing how the “Internet of Things” is going to transform the way we live, and on a basic level, the so-called smart revolution is only now getting started.Although the name itself is a bit grand and — at the same time — vague, it’s actually quite simple: It’s products and things that are web-connected. This includes everything from smart thermostats and garage doors to toothbrushes, tennis racquets and even your bed. They collect data about how you use them, learn your habits, typically connect... [...]