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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Advance notice: $100k Shout Out is coming #ad

In a few days, Chris Munch is releasing The 100k Shout Out. This new program includes both training and software, bound together by a proven marketing solution. Munch reports, “In a few days, we’re launching The 100k Shout Out to the public. Our ‘early adopters’ are already seeing unprecedented results. Anyone in our private Facebook […]

Reminder- VidBullet launches today, with 30 day challenge #ad

Today at 11 AM EST, VidBullet launches. We have been telling about this remarkable new marketing tool all week. Now, you can finally see it in action. The “VidBullet 30 Day Challenge” celebrates the launch with a firendly competition using this new tool. Participating in the challenge event may accelerate your results with this new […]

Video Bulletins: New Affiliate Marketing Video Format #ad

Chris Munch, the head of the PressCable team, realized that good video content is a significant asset for your affiliate marketing, traffic and sales generation efforts. Video currently drives 80% of buyer traffic on the internet and it’s importance is still growing. For most people, though, real quality videos are hard to create. There are […]

World’s First, Fastest Automated Video Creation Software #ad

The PressCable team, led by Chris Munch is releasing a new piece of video creation software on Thursday, called VidBullet. They designed it to be the best-ever tool to use to create and then publish a large quantity of engaging video content, while only spending a minimum of effort and cost. This is going to […]

Headline Handgun: headlines that get marketing results #ad

Chris Munch says there’s a simple solution to the low traffic and low sales many marketers experience; he says it can mean ” the difference between getting 10 visitors or 10,000″. What is it? A Great Headline. Your headline is what makes readers want to find out what you have to say. Newspapers have learned […]

Quality backlinks for your site without a fuss #ad

Ranking your site comes down to the quality and quantity of your backlinks. Clearly, the anchor text for your backlinks affects quality, but there’s such a thing as over-optimized anchor text. Natural links have a variety of anchor text; links to your site need to have the variety, too. For example, if your site has […]

Rank your sites with record speed and effectiveness #ad

Chris Munch has just released a free training video on earning high rankings in the search engines. It will be followed by 2 more and then by a live webinar in which he will share his methods for using press releases to get high rankings. As you might guess, he is leading up to a […]

Build viral content for your site manually or automatically #ad

“Pillar Traffic” comes a long-forgotten term in the internet marketing world, “pillar content.” The idea was popular with bloggers several years ago and referred to traffic campaigns where bloggers would create specific types of very engaging content that their audience would share with their friends. Eventually, this dropped from most people’s radar. However, in part […]

Use “Hook Pages” to create viral content #ad

The latest software from Chris Munch is Hook Pages, a tool to build the popularity of your website using great content. The key to hook pages is something Munch calls “pillar content”. His sales page has a video that explains what he means in detail. But, in summary, “Pillar Content” refers to high-quality content that […]

Chris Munch launches Hook Pages at 11 AM EDT #ad

Chris Munch is known as a prolific creator of marketing tools. His latest is Hook Pages. The key to hook pages is something Munch calls “pillar content”. He has created 3 videos available (with free opt-in) from his “soon-to-be sales page” that explains what he means. If you are short on time, skip video 1. […]