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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Descova: Find good products for your e-commerce store #ad

For an e-commerce site to succeed, several things are needed (traffic, of course, being one of them), but an absolute “must” is a selection of good products that are proven sellers. New software, Descova, that was just released, lets you instantly do product and niche searches so you can quickly fill your stores with good products. With Descova, you can discover new, trending products with one click. All you have to do is use its convenient dashboard to search multiple e-commerce platforms, including Aliexpress and BestBuy, at the same time. It brings back all the information about... [...]

Professional e-commerce stores in a snap #ad

Bryan Winters. has just released his new e-commerce platform called ShopMonopoly. Bryan created a case study where he shows $600.00 being made in under 24 hours with his first ShopMonopoly ecom store. This is the first tool giving you everything you need to launch your own professional (you will be surprised at how professional they look) stores in as little as 20 minutes each. The best part is the ongoing cost to operate your store. Unlike Wish, Etsy, etc., ShopMonopoly doesn’t charge a commission fee when you sell something. That’s right, you pay no fees on your sales. That’s... [...]

xPress Funnels: Creates “Done For You” eCom Funnels in 60 Seconds #ad

Setting up an e-commerce site for the first time is no picnic when you do it all yourself. That’s why you may want to look into xPressFunnels PRO. This cloud-based software, just released by Glynn Kosky, builds professional, deep, funnels automatically, based on the information you enter. You can have your store up and running in moments after you enter the information about what you want to sell. By using this software, you can avoid the monthly charges from store builders like Shopify because this software has no monthly fees. The system comes with high converting proven sales page templates... [...]

Snapishop: Online e-commerce and affiliate shops in a snap #ad

Getting started in e-commerce isn’t easy if you do it on your own, starting from scratch. You can get your store running much more quickly if you use software made for building your store and setting it up in your chosen niche. There have been many such solutions in the past; we have advertised them on IM NewsWatch through the years. But a new, sophisticated solution has just been announced that anyone wanting to sell online should consider. Introducing Snapishop, the all-purpose store online builder. The flexibility of this new software meets virtually any need for selling online: ► Build... [...]

You Don’t Have to Be a Designer to Create Powerful Websites #ad

Astroblu has just released (on Monday) a new WordPress theme, the Uzicom Theme, and by using it, you can create fully responsive e-commerce websites. You are going to find the features of this theme helpful in building a productive site, particularly in e-commerce. This theme will save you the monthly fees that other platforms (such as Shopify) charge. Buy a license and it lasts a lifetime. Take a look at what it offers: • Fully Responsive websites • 1-Click install • Drag & Drop Layout Builder with visual composer • SEO Optimized • Retina Ready granularity • Beautiful CSS3 layouts •... [...]

Get the e-commerce store of your dreams #ad

Suzanne Bucciarelli (known as The Domaining Diva) has just released a new software package for people who want to tap into the income potential of an e-commerce store. If you want to sell any product online, whether products you build, products you procure through drop-shippers or even niche affiliate products, you need an online store where you present what you have to offer. However, creating an online store can be a challenge. There’s a lot of software needed to take orders, charge the customer’s credit card, ship via UPS, Fedex, etc. Integrating all this software into a package... [...]

Outdoor Furniture Online Store ready to go #ad

The long winter in the Northern Hemisphere is finally coming to an end, and people are starting to think about outdoor living. Outdoor furniture is a frequent purchase, and it’s a big-ticket purchase, too. You can capture some of that online furniture buying revenue with Shane Paxton‘s Outdoor Furniture Online Store. This is a large niche, growing larger daily as the weather warms up. Paxton reports that the average sale amount is over $1000. That can generate some hefty commissions. And he finds that there is low competition, too. Paxton has been building affiliate marketing sites... [...]